Self-Help: Why Self-Help Hurts

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Self-Help: Why Self-Help Hurts

Hi. I’m Mary Morrissey, bestselling author, speaker, teacher, and transformational trainer for over 30 years. The question why self-help hurts I think is one of the most important questions we can ask because you live in a world today where opportunities to have information is more readily available to you than ever before on our planet. There are many people I know who have shelves of self-help. It’s actually shelf help, not self help because they’ll read about it, think about it, talk about it – they can even speak all the principles and the words but their life does not reflect that knowing.

I was one of those people. I got really good at teaching this for almost the first decade of studying this material, teaching it – I was certified to teach it, and I could speak it very, very well. People told me how inspiring I was. But there were parts of my life that did not reflect that knowing and I realized that I had what I now call the ‘I know that’ syndrome – that I would say, ‘Oh, I know that. I know that. Let me tell you. I know about that.’

I could you tell you the source. I could tell you who taught it. I could tell you all about that. Prosperity principles, relationship things, all kinds of things – and then I began to realize that knowing about something was not knowing it. That I only knew it when my life really reflected and that’s when I got very interested in transformational understanding about I wanted my life to transform.

I didn’t want to just know that the universe was abundant. I had a right to prosperity. I wanted my life to reflect that prosperity. I didn’t want to just know that love was available for all of us. I wanted to live and love. I just didn’t want to know that I had capability to create a business that I wanted. I wanted that business to succeed. I wanted to see it, measure it, experience it.

And so self-help hurts when we know about things that are not showing up in our life. So, this video is meant to help you take a step in unlocking that. Our greatest leaders, the most successful people you know or have read about, were individuals who were willing to keep growing and they were willing to actually be uncomfortable, not for the sake of being uncomfortable, but uncomfortable in the interest of growth.

So, here’s the key. Most of us want our lives to change but we don’t want to change and so we stay in the realm of thinking about it or talking about it. And so what I would leave you with is this – you probably know a lot more right now than your life is showing. But if you will come back and perhaps just hear another video, spend a little more time, and then apply the one thing that you take from that video, pretty soon everything that’s sitting on your shelf will jump right off that shelf and it will actually come alive in your life.

Because inspiration without action is merely entertainment. So, let’s take some action.

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