Self Confidence – How To Be Confident

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How to Be Confident

Hi, this is Mary Morrissey and welcome to the “Ask Mary Morrissey” video series.

Today, we’re gonna talk about a question that often gets asked and came in recently.

The question is “What is confidence and how do I develop confidence?”

What a great question because confidence is the ground upon which you’re willing to make decisions or not, unless you understand what confidence really is.

Now, when you were a little kid and you saw other people walking around on their hind legs, you saw them doing something you might want to do, but you didn’t know how to do.

And then perhaps you were in an environment where someone encouraged you to take your first faltering steps.

And as you took those steps you fell down, but you got back up again, and you did that over and over again until you built both the leg muscle strength, the coordination, the motor skill and frankly, the confidence to keep repeating something in the absence of being sure you could do it, and kept repeating it anyway, believing in those other people’s belief that you really could do that.

And if you develop that yourself then you could offer it to somebody else.

When you flip the switch on the light, you know, on your wall the very first time. Unless you’d seen somebody do it or somebody taught you what it could be when you flipped that switch, you had this anticipation what’s gonna happen here?

First time you got in a car there was this can I really do it?

Everyone feels a lack of confidence when they’re beginning something brand new. You wanna make friends with that part of you that feels a bit insecure because you know you’re on the edge of learning.

And as you are willing to steps and get support in taking those steps, you will find that the confidence is the result of having taken steps in your own behalf in the absence of knowing exactly how, but you stood on your understanding of how it works in this world.

You walk probably pretty much every day these days. You probably drive a car a whole lot of time, and I’ll bet numerous times during the day you flip the switch.

How you develop confidence is being willing to recognize that you do it by doing what you’re afraid to do, but you do it in a measured, and successful and coached way every single time.

And you’re gonna find that that confidence grows in you. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

You have a lot of confidence right now, let’s get you confidence in the next area of your life.

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