Who Is In Your Positive Circle of Influence?

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I invite you to pause for a moment to absorb the significance of that statement.

Next, think about the five people with whom you spend most of your time.

If you combine the annual income of those five people and divide it by five, chances are this is approximately the same amount of income that you earn.

Those of us who’ve studied the art and science of transformation, including Jim Rohn, understand that it’s extremely important to surround yourself with positive influences when you are pursuing your dreams.


Do You Let Your Circumstances and Conditions Stop You? Or Do You Embrace Growth?

embrace growth

One of my core teachings is that growth is a personal choice.

Each one of us is stronger than any circumstance, condition or situation that we find ourselves in.

As we reflect on our lives, if we determine that we are unhappy with some aspect of it, the area that we experience longing or discontent in is an area that’s ripe for growth.

I recently received a letter from a client named Lisa that illustrates this point so beautifully.


Self Improvement: The Top 3 Transformational Books to Have in Your Library

What personal growth and self-improvement books do you have in your library that inspire you and help you develop new highways of awareness, so that you can create a life you truly love living with greater speed and ease?

After investing the last 40+ years studying the invisible side of success, and the last 30+ years coaching tens of thousands of people in the art and science of transformation…

I’ve found that every single person wants to live a life that they love.


How to Deal with Negative Naysayers with Love & Compassion to Maintain Happiness

Do you have negative naysayers in your life — people who may be trying to discourage you from pursuing your goals and dreams?

How do you handle this type of negative criticism, so that you can maintain your happiness and positive thinking, and keep moving forward toward what it is that you would truly love?

Any time you seek to stretch beyond your comfort zone, and set a great goal for yourself or take some new kind of positive action toward a dream that you have, there will often be people in your life who are not as supportive as you would really like them to be…


Is It Selfish to Pursue Your Dreams?

Have you ever wondered if it’s selfish to pursue your dreams?

The answer to this question is, it depends! It CAN be selfish to pursue your dream, if your dream is only about you.

But most dreams, even the ones that may seem selfish to you, actually DO benefit the world around you!

Let me explain:


4 Top Teachers of Transformation Reveal Their Secrets to Overcoming Fear & Making a Difference

Highly successful people will tell you that — rather than try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to transforming your dreams into your reality — follow in the footsteps of someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve!

Highly successful people will tell you that — rather than try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to transforming your dreams into your reality — follow in the footsteps of someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve! - Mary Morrissey

This week, I’ve asked several of the world’s top teachers of transformation 3 very important questions about how to overcome fear, deal with “negative naysayers,” and make a difference in the lives of others.

If you have a desire to create a life you truly love living and make a positive impact in the world through transformations that make a difference, their answers will be truly helpful for you!


The Results You Currently Have in Your Life Didn’t Arrive There By Accident… You Created Them!

Many of us create our lives by default…


We allow our habitual ways of thinking, the circumstances and conditions that we find ourselves in, and the expectations of others, to dictate the choices we make and the results in our lives… without stopping to ask if what we are creating is what we would truly love.

Years, sometimes even decades, may pass by until one day, we hear that “still, small voice within” whispering to us that there’s so much more to life than what we’ve been experiencing.


What Baby Elephants Have to Teach You About Living from Limitations vs. Pursuing Your Dreams

We are resilient and can persevere through any circumstance we face….

When we allow ourselves to be restricted by the ropes of self-doubt, low self-esteem and fear, these limiting thoughts control us and distract us from living a life we would truly love living.

Right ahead, you will learn how to express the FULL Power of Life that is within you which is greater than any circumstance, condition or situation you have ever faced or will ever face.



The Power You Are Not Using: A Story of Personal Growth

I hope you like this great family story where I was reminded by my family to use the power from within….

…. a Self-Development lesson!

Don’t let fear hold you back from fully immersing yourself in this wonderful experience called life! Take your foot off of the brakes, and unleash the full power that’s within you to move toward what it is that you desire and deserve. You can do it! - Mary Morrissey

I was on vacation with my grandchildren in Cabo San Lucas, when they suggested we rent four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicles.


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  • Joan Calabrese

    How inspirational, Mary! The trick is, as I am learning, being open to be open. And to be unencumbered by fear but rather to allow the God energy that is always with us to be trusted to lead us. What a great lesson your experience is for all of us.
    Loved your story. Thank you so much.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Joan!

      Thank you so much for your comments!

      Yes, everyday we learn from that gift we have of being here, present. And “being open to be open” is something we all should practice!

      Thanks again and keep being open!

      • Mary Morrissey

        Joan, please share the article as I think many people are in the process of learning the process of “being open to be open”.

        Thanks again… See you in the next one!

  • This reminds me of our family trip to Ireland, I cried the first day in fear of driving “on the wrong side” we had a car that was automatic at first I was stuck with emergency break on and after that the car would stall every time I came to a stop, it was an economic car to save gas but my boys where screaming at me to drive and I would hit the break instead of the gas total fear and confusion. Well going from County to county my family was so excited but I dreaded it, until the next day I learned all I had to do was hit the gas and go forward. Now I was feeling more comfortable and was able to enjoy the beautiful green mountains. Get out of my comfort zone and move. BTW I also learned half way through the trip I could disable the eco button with on little switch. Oh boy! Lol

    • Mary Morrissey

      Oh Anne! I am enjoying your story!

      Just as it happened to me that time in Cabo!
      All we need is “now that we have power we’re not using and take our foot off the brake!”

      Thanks for sharing your story Anne! Share the article with your friends and family! Let’s spread the word.

      By the way, staying inside your comfort zone is all well and good but it’s not where true, authentic ALIVENESS lives.

      I think you will like this one: http://bit.ly/3-Myths-That-Can-Block-Your-Success

      Here’s to your SUCCESS!

  • Marty Schmick

    Thank you for being with me on this adventure of awakening that has been my life.
    Being led to you, has been/is one of the growing number of experiences that fill me to overflowing with Gratitude.
    Holy Spirit has definitely extended through you and blessed. Just reading your what you’ve shared of your experience with your family while in Cabo San Lucas has blessed me.
    I could go on here but just wanted, in this Holy Instant, ;-), to reach out to you through this wonderful opportunity you’ve provided.
    When might you be in the Seattle area again?
    Blessings o’plenty Mary,
    Marty Schmick

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Marty,

      It is great to be in touch through these Blog. It is an opportunity and a blessing for me to be able to help you out and many people in your life transformation!

      We need that transformation, so much these days…

      By the way, here is a great article about how Gandhi show us how to find true happiness! I hope you like it!


  • Marty Schmick

    Just noticed my typo (* reading your what you’ve shered).
    Maybe your reviewers can correct that during moderation. :-)

  • Beautiful allegory! Thanks for sharing such powerful imagery. You’re absolutely right to make the connection of how often we want to step on the gas and move forward yet also put on the brakes. I can sure see that I do this and probably more often than I realize.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Thank you Lisa!
      It is just a little tweak in our minds…

      Have an awesome day and see you in the next post!

      Hey, by the way, have you checked the lifemasteryinstitute.com/blog ?

  • Phyllis

    Very powerful–like a parable in the Bible that Jesus teaches us about- showing that when we realize that “ALL” things are possible to those that trust in HIM and HE is always for us and never against us-the light illuminates our path !!

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Phyllis!

      Yes, “ALL” things are possible!
      Let HIS light illuminate our path and the world’s path!

      Keep in touch. Keep reading and sharing my posts with friends and family Phyllis…

      Have a wonderful day!!

  • Patti Laurie

    I put your letter off line to read & commented forgetting I was off line submitted a reply & posted it there …do you still get the reply if done this way?

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Patti, thank you for connecting!
      I think I didn’t get that reply. You can submit it again here!

      Have an awesome rest of the day!

  • lynette germishuizen

    Dear Mary, Thank you so much it has opened my eyes as yes I must master fear and procrastination and the brake is definitely my problem . So will start and overcome it. Bless you


    • Mary Morrissey

      Good for you Lynette! Im am so proud of you!
      Keep up the good energy and work! You will definitely MASTER fear, limitations, procrastination. It is a “step at a day” process!
      Please keep in touch and share the article if you liked it and find it helpful!

      Here’s to you keeping up that energy and attitude of growth!

  • I am reminded of my mother who had a fairly miserable life, never able to get out from under her mother’s thumb. She too drove an automatic with her feet both on the brake and the gas at the same time. It used to drive me crazy but after reading this I see it as a symbol of her whole life. Stop and Go, Stop again.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Oh Alice! I read you! Yes, we sometimes act in ways we don’t understand and neither our beloved ones. The very important step to take is to be AWARE of who we are and that no circumstance is greater than us or the power within us.
      It is never too late to take the foot off the break, release fear and use the power within us to create a life we truly love living.

      Alice I know you liked the article and found it useful. Please share it!

      Thank you for your words and keep in touch for more articles to come!

      Have an awesome day!

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