Working With Intention

Sometimes the greatest lessons come from children … . 

I was out to dinner one evening with my granddaughter, Allie, and our host gave her a small place mat menu with a maze on it.  She smiled and said, I want to show you something.  She took her finger to the maze and put it right to the end at the finish and then traced backwards to the beginning.  She then took her pencil and found her way very easily to the end!

She said, When you start at the end first, then you know where you want to end up and it’s easier to find your way.  I said, You know what Allie, that’s just how it is in life.  If you know where you want to end up, it’s a whole lot easier to find your way.

With this lesson, ask yourself:  Where do I want to end up?  Where do I really want to be in relationship to the important people in my life –with the earth, myself and my creative capacity? Where do I want to end up when I put my head on the pillow for the very last time?

Because as Allie pointed out, when you know where you want to end up, it’s a whole lot easier to find your way.

To Working with Intention,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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