“Wisdom from Bamboo” by Mary Morrissey

Do you know how Chinese bamboo grows? Young Chinese bamboo is a slow-growing plant. If the bamboo is carefully tended, watched over and nurtured, in the first year it grows two inches, in the next year it grows two inches, in the third year it grows two inches, in the fourth year it grows two inches, and then in the fifth year it grows eighty feet!

Your dreams are like that. Sometimes it feels like you’re studying and practicing and remembering to live in expanded awareness, but it looks like nothing significant is happening. But then all of a sudden, your life jumps to a whole new level. So today, just take time to nurture your dreams. Take time to nurture thoughts that are kind and loving about yourself and what you long for.

What you’ll notice over time is you’ll look back and think, “I have a whole new life, how did this happen?” Well, it happened a little at a time for a long time, and then suddenly, all at once.

Trust and Allow,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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