“Update Your Story” by Mary Morrissey

I was talking with a friend a little while ago who shared with me his story about a particularly tragic event in his life. The story about this event -the version he was choosing to tell — was very sad.

Over time he decided one day, “I’m going to stop telling that version of the story. I’m going to tell a new story.” It wasn’t that the tragedy hadn’t happened, it was just that he realized the gift inside it, and wanted to share a story from higher ground.

So today, I invite you to identify any story you’ve been telling about your life of limitation, lack, holding back –of a recurring theme of how things don’t work out for you, that keeps you limited or struggling. I think every one of us has something like that.

What if you just decided that’s no longer your current story? That’s the story of your past. I invite you to re-frame that old story as a new story about how you received a gift from life.

So what was the gift inside that particular struggle? What new story will you tell to share that gift?

To Sharing Your Gifts,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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