“The Gift Inside” by Mary Morrissey

Buddhism says that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

In this world you will experience some pain, challenges, and confusion. But even these hold gifts. Have you ever seen a geode? It’s a dull grey rock on the outside, and a crystal cavern on the inside.

What if everything that comes to you and everything that is removed from your life, is really a gift –A hidden cavern of crystal inside something that seems grey?

What if you could experience the pain but release it to life, and choose not to suffer, but to find the gift inside it?

Perhaps you can even think back for a moment to a time that was painful, that turned out to bring you new gifts that you couldn’t even imagine then. It’s possible to see the gifts in everything. Just practice!

Here’s To Your Gifts In Life,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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