3 Simple But Powerful Steps for Solving Any Problem Like Einstein!

Post Updated: 12 July 2017

Follow These Simple Problem-Solving Steps and You’ll Soon Be Able to Cut Through Any Challenge Like a Hot Knife Through Butter!


Albert Einstein once said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them.”

What does this quote mean exactly, and how will understanding it fully empower you to overcome any circumstance, condition or situation you may find yourself in?

What Einstein is referring to is that, just as with all things in the known Universe, thoughts are also made up of energy.

Each thought you generate has an energetic frequency.

When you find yourself faced with a situation that’s challenging, by carefully examining, over thinking and obsessing over the problem, you are continuing to generate thought at the same frequency as the problem.

And as long as you continue to generate thought at the same frequency as the problem, it’s going to be very difficult for you to generate solutions on how to transcend the problem. Instead, you will likely find that the problem you’re faced with persists, and no matter how much you dislike the situation, you feel powerless to change it.

As Einstein says, you cannot “think” your way out of a problem if you continue to think on the same frequency as the problem.

In order to “think” your way out of a problem, you must shift your thinking about the problem to a higher frequency.

Einstein reminds us if a clear and easy solution to whatever problem you face is not apparent, you need to change our frequency of your thinking. Doing this opens up the door to finding new, more empowering solutions to the challenges you face.

For example: Let’s say that you’ve just had an argument with your significant other.

As you sit and think about the argument after the fact, you feel misunderstood, wronged and perhaps even resentful.

Focusing on these feelings, you just can’t seem to think of how to resolve the issue, and restore the love and connection between you and the one you love.

In order to begin to generate solutions to any problem, it’s crucial that you begin to think on the frequency of that which you’d love to create.

How would you love your relationship with your significant other to be? What kind of relationship are the two of you committed to having?

Answering this question, you may think, “Well, I want a relationship of kindness, gratitude and open communication.”

Your next step is to ask yourself, “What can I do right now to move closer to that result?”

For example: What about your significant other can you be grateful for in this moment? Ask yourself this question, and soon, you will begin to generate thoughts of things you can be grateful for.

As you begin to swell with thoughts of gratitude, you may find yourself inspired to openly communicate something that you’re grateful for to your partner, which will immediately start to shift your connection to where you would love it to be.

As Einstein shares, by changing your thoughts, by looking at the problem from a different frequency or perspective, you can change your reality!

Here are three simple steps for thinking bigger than any problem or challenge you face:

When you realize you are investing a lot of time and energy into thinking about a problem you feel you have, the first step is to stop and say to that problem:

“There’s an energy and power in this Universe that is far bigger than you, and it’s on my side!”

Step two is to begin to shift your thoughts to the result you would actually love to experience in the situation. Allow yourself to really try on how achieving that result would look and feel. Close your eyes and visualize this if you can!

As you begin investing the power of your thoughts in that direction, the third and final step is to ask yourself:

“What can I do right now to move closer to that result?”

Then, choose from the solutions your mind begins to generate, and take an action, no matter how small, to begin moving in that direction!

So now, I have a question for you…

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What’s a circumstance, situation or condition that’s present in your life right now that you’re finding challenging or difficult?

What result would you actually love to create in this area, and what simple action can you take right now to move closer to that result?

Go ahead and leave your thoughts with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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