Happy New Year! Here’s My New Year’s Dream for You…

My Happy New Year’s wish for you is to have your best year ever…

A year in which you cherish the past year’s memories, and live your life anew each day, and that each and every moment is filled with bright expectancies.

I wish for you a year where life is peaceful, that what you want, you receive – a year filled with happiness and growth galore!

May you take time to recognize and enjoy each and every blessing, and may you actualize your fondest dreams. Happy New Year!

Now, here’s a question for you…

What’s one thing that you would most love to be, do, have or give this year?

Go ahead and share your thoughts with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


By Mary

Happy New Year! Here’s My New Year’s Dream for You...
Happy New Year! Here’s My New Year’s Dream for You...

Happy New Year! Here’s My New Year’s Dream for You...

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  • Amb Gbenga Adesida

    Wow, what a lovely year I wanna be the best in all dealings with God and mankind.

    I wanna erupt the greatness in me for the benefit of all that will ever come across me

  • Financial freedom and perfect health.

  • Patricia Lehew

    My pray for 2017 is that God save my children all my family and friends. Pray that my husband work pick up again,I want to live my life that God is pleased with. There’s so much in the world going on today if people don’t have Jesus not going to make it. Bless my mom and dad, he been sick needs a special touch from God. Pray for the world in which we live in Jesus have mercy on us in your name we pray. Thank you Jesus.

  • Dear Mary,
    Your Prosperity Plus program at my Unity Center for Spiritual Growth changed my life. I have a transformation book in me that I am committed to writing this year. I also would love to began speaking and coaching on quantum physics, spirituality, and transformation. Passion for work in love and service to others again and healing of chronic pain are all that I desire as I love my life! I was forced to retire as a psychotherapist due to chronic back and related pain. Please hold this vision for me and thank you for your inspiration and service!!!

  • I would most love my book series “Gospel Good Night” to be published in more international languages and to be a #1 best seller on Amazon and iTunes.

    Further, to have multi-streams of income in order to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.



  • Choymae Huie

    thank you for your wonderful kind wishes for me. I know your kindness will also bring to you a wonderful, successful joyous new year.

  • To be financially independent. I do not have enough money to live on with ss


  • Naunihal Singh Sodhi

    I would love to be honest,healthy,peaceful,Happiness

  • Naunihal Singh Sodhi

    I would love to be honest, to do service to others,to have peace of mind, good health,and give happiness to all.

    Naunihal sodhi


  • Kimberly Kelley

    Allow God to use me to help others with health, spirituality.

  • In this year 2017, I want to bring more love to my family, among me, my husband and two children. I want to earn money by doing EFT Tapping workshops and have the financial freedom. I want to travel with my own money and save enough for the future and invest as well.I want to eat healthy food, exercise more and release 5 kilos from my waist area.

    • Mary Morrissey

      I love your dreams and goals Malathie! Everything is possible! The best part here is that you are conscious, aware of your needs and of that voice within you whispering… “grow”….

      Please keep in touch and share your progress!

  • I am wishing For a year of success for myself and both of my kids and that we are all surrounded by extraordinary people of like minds: intelligent, happy, spiritual, loving, kind, motivated, drug and alcohol free, cultural education, serving a very high purpose.

  • Love, Abundance and charity

  • Elizabeth M Jang

    Continued growth in personal and interpersonal life

  • Elizabeth Tutterow

    I have just resigned from my position as a CNA. I need a happier job not as physical and as drama with staff members. Too much steess at work and at home with husband. I am looking for a new adventure of moving of whuch i have always been close to my home town of not more than 70 miles. My husband has a musical dream career for southern living and hexis slightly disabled.i try to be supportive but question it. I just want to decorate a new place for me and read and craft and worship which is opposite of my spouse. I need the change but it is scary at 57.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Elizabeth!

      Thank you for sharing your situation with us!

      I would suggest that you start living the dreams that are specific to you. We have found that when one person begins to create a life they love with positive energy for all, the ripple effect is very positive.

      Feel encouraged to move towards what supports you in feeling an energy of expansion, and to truly follow your dreams. No matter what any outside circumstance says. The power that is breathing you is greater than any worldly circumstance!

      I wish you all the best moving forward.

  • Taj Muhammad

    I have been a dreamer for so many year I think, I have been thinking what the purpose of life, what should I become. I am still not clear but being introduced to the self help books I have somewhat realise that I should also fulfill my dreams. I want to teach people who do not know because of any reason that life is so beautiful and abundant.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Good for you Taj. Im sure you can become a great Life Coach! Let us know (clientcare@marymorrissey.com) if you’d like some help from our mentors to find your path!
      All the best!!

  • Debra Dickens

    I wish to sell my property

  • Solomon Agyei Boahen

    I would love to have travel mercies and also to support the needy people in the family

  • Hello, Dear Mary Morrissey

    Good day, how have you been doing? I am Jorge Sung, who lives in Cupertino, CA. Thank you so much for sending me a New Year Greeting. Now, regarding your question, what’s one thing that you would most love to be, do, have or give this year?

    So far, if I have the chance to do so, with my major in Urban Study and Planning, I can also realize one of my dreams, building a unique city for people with a mental and physical challenge as well as a model city with a cultural or social center where public buildings are surrounding a 90,000 m2 area of a public park in the downtown area.

    By design, the city would have eight distinct districts for office buildings, mixed use with residential and school, commercial, and industrial purposes for about 350,000 people as well as to solve the traffic and housing problems of the cities.

    And with my ten other planned businesses, this city will have the economic autonomy to sustain its financial necessity. In addition to bypass the center of the city, there is a rapid transit with four lanes surrounding the city.

    That compares to the Diverging Diamond Interchanges at the site, http://divergingdiamondinterchange.org/ or the Chinese futuristic ‘Straddling Bus’ transportation system, which one is a better solution regarding the city planning for solving the prevalent traffic and housing issue in a city?? If I invite you, can we do the business together in the Utah?

    Finally, thank you so much for taking your time to read my message and taking care of the issue for me. I wish you and your family’s members have the joy and peace throughout the New Year with all good by God’s blessing. Take care. So much time.

    Best regards,
    Jorge Sung

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hello Jorge, thank you so much for sharing your dream with us! It is awesome and I believe is 100% feasible.

      Please keep sharing how that goes, I would love to hear about the progress of that project!

      All the best for you and your family!

  • Thank you very much🌹
    I want to be more confident and more beautiful and I wish I become a happy woman that reach success in everything :family ,study and business.

    And to do a lot of good things💚🌈🦋🤗🌹

  • What a great question..!
    To be more kind
    To do appreciate every moment
    To have good friends and trust in God’s will
    To give encouragement and love to all I come I contact with..

    Thank you Mary!

  • Thank You and Happy New Year to you too. Mary Thanks Again and God Bless.

  • Happy New Year, Mary! I hope 2017 is a great year for you and your family – in fact, I hope it is the best year you have.

    Regarding the video I just watched, what I wish for is to be able to become a public speaker in my field of “cruise holidays for people with disABILITIES”. However, I am not sure where to start. Are there any tips you can give me as to how to get started in this field?

    Very much appreciated, and wishing you a fantastic 2017.

    Best Regads

    Doug Smith
    Author of “The disABILITY To Cruise?”

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Doug,

      I think your goal is AWESOME! I would love you to take a look the page of my event DreamBuilder LIVE…. The first stage to BUILD a dream is to make a blueprint of your goal.

      Once you have a crystal-clear blueprint for what you would love, your life immediately begins to transform.

      Instead of being a circumstance-driven person, you become a vision-driven person. Your thoughts and actions begin automatically aligning with what you want to create… and positively charged people and golden opportunities for advancement begin to “show up” in your life at just the right time.

      Here it is: http://www.dreambuilderlive.com

      Keep in touch!

  • Flora Ortega


  • Beverley Farnworth

    I would love to be financially able and pain free from a back injury, to be able to visit my son in the U.K.

  • jermain amburayan

    have abundance in terms of wealth, n being recognised for who i am . as a teacher , i ove teaching but feel overqualified n underpaid. i love inspiring people n most often poeple come to me with their problems n i support n help them. wud it be better to change my career to counsellor or coach?

  • Caroline Ashworth

    Trusting wealth
    Friendship with my daughters
    Success in my creative work
    Travel to exciting places,
    Friends to trust
    A definite aim and direction
    Content heart and spirit

  • Happy new year 2017 and bless year .Jesus Christ bless you and family. Please pray for debt free and home for my children and the new level in spiritual . Love gratitude and blessings Aurelian Ivan and Steluta Bucharest Romania

  • My email address has changed. Please send new mail to that site.

  • My wish is reach a million people about the importance of recycling plactics and stop polluting the oceans.

  • Nhinda N Rosa

    i would like to win money and start my own business and would like to buy a car for starting up a business as tax and i would like to help my sister and cousin with their studies. i want to study too and to build my dream room always wanted too but all this will just manage once i got money. i thank you

  • Chantal Durward

    Love you Mary :)
    I want to help the kids in my life area and work with teenagers, then through the parents. Adults say teenagers are restless, its because parents are tryig so hard to be good parents that we as parents because relentless in being parents, that we don’t listen to our children. The book 60 things GOD says about Sex, is not even on the shelf, one has to order it. I am wanting to streach out far and wide order do live talks on one chapter at every single youth church I can find in my area. this is for the highest and greatest good, this book has been stuck with me for over 11 years,found such power in what I read that this book kept showing up in my head, but I only read two chapters, knowing now I want to coach this is where I want to start.:) Thank you for reading this message in advance.. GOD BLESS

  • Thank you. In my Wellness Class for the past 6 months I was introduced to your tape ministry. I’m grateful to be on the path of enlightenment. I’m still working at listening more to the tapes but what I’ve experienced so far has given me a new found hope. I like changing the frequency and in doing that I just really feel better. Again, thank you and Happy/Blessed New Year to you and yours.

  • Edward Njoroge

    Thank u Mary, happy new year too. It is always a blessing to hear and read your articles. Very inspiring and it has made me discover a lot about my self.

    I would love to really get in to business and stop working for someone else, this is my wish. Any advise on how to go about it?


  • I would love to improve spiritually and be honest being at the service of others as I am into the same.

  • Husband and job paying well so i can take care of my kids..

  • To be loved for who I am, respected, and cherished, even pursued by a very special someone and to love, respect and cherish that person in return – that is what I would love to do and be and have this year and for many more years.

  • Bernice Pomeroy

    Anecdotes of a teacher and children creating school together

  • Bernice Pomeroy

    I will have published a book called : I Tell Stories or The Inner Curriculum.

  • to get a fabulous start on my motivational speaking to youths

  • Erdene Rouse

    One thing I’d like to be most this year is person of influence to motivate and cultivate the gifts locked up inside of little girls, older girls and women young and old. I’d like to spearhead a resource center highlighting personal growth in a safe environment.

  • I’d love to be out of debt. Your program is of interest to me. Money is a bit of an issue, but I do have a positive attitude that soon I will be prosperous!
    Thank you for the New Year blessing. I wish the best for you!

  • Nancy Spence

    Happy New Year Mary! I wish to become a regional director this year. Cheers Mary!

  • I want to help as many horses, animals and people through my animal communication business.

  • I would love to be financially free! I would love to be a Healer! I feel like both things I just wrote are far-fetched and unrealistic.

  • Michelle Trahair

    There are a lot of things that I wish to happen in my life in 2017. Mainly I think is to have our business to go from fledgling to great.

  • Robyn munro

    Mary I would love some much to have a place of my own.have been waiting on property to sell for 18months now through separation.i am lucky I have been able to live with my brother. But I long for my own space

  • I can think of a lot of things that I would like to achieve this year but I guess the top one would be having a very successful business after all I have to have something that will provide an ongoing income for us into retirement.

  • I want these 3 things.
    Health in every area of my body
    To receive the inherintance funds.the battle for these funds has gone on for over 6 yrs now.
    To get back with my wife of 31 yrs.

  • I would love to see my book (almost in print) reaching the many, varied readers who will benefit from all its perspectives. It’s a collection of over 80 quotes and stories from lay people and professionals in many walks of life, some who work with the dying and bereaved and others who are themselves grieving a loss. The title is “Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life.
    Thank you, Mary, for asking me what my wishes are. You’re a daily inspiration to me. ~ Julie

  • This is the year to fill the world with the light of love and shine it on fear, hate, ignorance and any other negative we see. It is a year to shine this light on our own inner negativity, release it and fill this space with higher color light and new higher energy of our eternal souls that we may raise the vibration on this planet and the universe.

  • Firstly i want to say thank you for ur support and mention.. This year what i want to do is to improve my self.. try my best to give my family need and more care..to give more help and support for family ..friends.. Mybe public also..but the first thing what i must do it to settle any debit that i have.. Thats all..heheee

  • I want to be financially secure again.

  • Sandy Deines

    Thank you for the reminders to stay focused what I prefer to happen this new year!

    Thank you for your continuing efforts to promote growth and willingness to move beyond everything to create whatever in one’s life!

    Sandy Deines-Oregon

  • I wish above all to have all to have unlimitied resources to feed the homeless in the county I live in and my loved ones also, to have a safe place where I can sleep & cook for the less fortunite

  • Greetings Mary I’m a Cancer with a rising sign of Leo
    and I find myself caught in the middle of what I would like to be and what I can still become because of age and the time it takes one to achieve their highest potential in the art their interested in becoming…I would liked to still become a fashion model/chef/interior designer/actress/ something to inspire others less fortunate help others less fortunate than I connect with those who find themselves at a place in their lives where they don’t know what to do next I’ve taken up a class in Integrative Nutrition hopefully I’ll find my true purpose and passion through taking this course . I’ll keep you updated.

  • I would like to spread the Project “Heaven on Earth” from Martin Rutte in my country and the world. http://www.projectheavenonearth.com

  • I would love to be a millionaire n have my own home n business n donate to cancer n heart foundations

  • Daniel Martinez

    This year I would love to finely purchase my retirement dream home in the Philippines. Note when I say dream I home I don’t mean anything out of the ordinary I simply want to secure that retirement home.

  • I would love to find the love of my life. I would love to have more money in my pocket. I want to show the world who I truly am. I want to be free of need and wants. I simply want a peaceful life with a woman who will understand me.

  • Financial stability for my grandchildren. Growing my business into something I can leave to them.
    Good health and good friends with a mix of travel in the coming year.

  • Lovely wishes , thanks….keep up the good work,
    i am wishing for myself a year of financial freedom.

  • Thank you Mary !!
    the most a love would be have is a love relationship plenty of mutual love, respect, armony and joy with a man the pareciatelike I can apreciate him.

    My best regards to you dear Mary!

  • I would love to start a SLE for people with children who have been incarcerated and help them obtain and maintain custody of their children. Through the help of CPS reunite families through sobriety. Show them the tools needed to make it happen. Sobriety is a way of life once shown and practised for a pro long amount of time. One day you suddenly realize that you have reprogrammed your mind that it isnt even thinking that old stinkin thinkin as you can grow past the disease of addiction with determination that you are learning new ways and sticking it out.

  • An abundance of love and sex together with an abundance of money.

  • There are a few things I would like to change this year:

    Have a male companionship and who is also a handyman
    Loose weight
    Be debt free
    Grow my business for new customers and recruits

  • Mary Joyce Ackerman

    Thanks Mary
    So inspiring! I really would like to have better insight regarding your current and past messages.

    Mary Joyce

  • I would love to be that Life Coach I have been working toward and to be able to take care of my elderly parents without fear of financial strain.

  • Carolyn Depriest

    My goal is to pay off my mortgage and to pay off my car. That would enable me to completely retire, not work part-time as I am now, and enjoy what’s left of my retirement years.

  • Emily Tongia

    I really love to accomplish all that I missed luck and projects that never got of the ground due delays of financial and the inadequacy of no sustain.
    I have the fire in me to get up and go get.
    Truly grateful for your support
    Best wishes Emily

  • I got my real estate license one year ago. I have used health, no home and living with a x husband to hold me down. I would love to get started and find success in real estate.

  • Sherry Gladue

    I would like to touch the Heart & Souls of the world.
    Let the world see what I see.
    Move peoples hearts in ways they never knew it could.
    Touch the inner souls of the darkest and bring light in everyone’s eyes

  • Marcelino Aguilar

    Dear Mary thank you so much for your amazing support. This year I am going to read your books and then start the short version of your Dream Builder Program. Thank you for being there.

  • my wish is for my nephew tony to find peace in his live.

  • Gordon Paull

    We are a Spiritual reality having a physical experience, not the other way around. Truthfulness is the foundation of all the virtues of the world of humanity, without which there is no progress for any soul through all the worlds of God. When this holy attribute is acquired and developed all the divine qualities will become manifest.

  • I want to be with the love of my life and have an incredibly good relation

  • My wish is for my oldest son’s legal woes be put to rest and he find peace to move on his own. I wish for my youngest son to be cured from his cancer. I wish to ease into my senior years going forward with no negative influences and only positive outlooks to come. Thank you, Bless you.

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful message, Mary! Sending you much love & Wishes for A Happy Happy 2017!

  • Nora Adamu

    Your videos are encouraging and full of life.i pray this new year will take us all to a new height .thx for been a blessing in your generation.looking forward to a blessed 2017

  • My older daughter to have a healthy baby

  • Dear Mary ~ I am so-o looking forward to being a part of your Jan. 27-29th “on-line” Dream Builder Workshop! I am at a crossroads in both my professional & personal life and so feel that even at the age of 70 vibrant years that I am DEFINITELY “not done!” with life OR exploring new & exciting areas of my life. I have been a healthcare professional for 20+ yrs and would love to further my joy & passion of working more intently with those seeking a new & more joyful pathway in their lives. Over the years in my enlightened life I have loved to conduct & participate in *Sacred Ceremony* in my community. Within this new healing practice & would love to know more a to how to do this on a more organized level as well as continue to be a *spiritual guiding light* for others seeking a deeper inner peace & well being in their lives. I am hoping this workshop will guide me with concrete & positive steps as to how I might go about this.I am seeking ways to make this a 2nd “part time” fun career for me also to create more financial abundance in my life and bring to me the soulmate I have been seeking all of my adult life. A TALL order for sure you say but I believe by being a part of this weekend, be it a country away, creative ‘*sparks*’ will be ignited and I believe I will be infused with some very concrete methods to achieve my goals. Thank you for offering this more affordable “on-line” option for those of us who are unable to travel to CA for the actual weekend! “See you” in late January! NAMASTE & Kindest of *Blessings* ~ ‘*ARIA*’

  • I would love to help others to succeed in life.
    I want to grow in my career this year.
    I want to be a great speaker. I mean preacher.

  • All I want is for my husband to be with me in the states instead of brazil
    Immigration separated us and I’m torn to pieces

    • Mary Morrissey

      Rachel, thank you for sharing your situation!

      I will hold the vision of you being able, in one way or another to reunite with your husband… would it be easier for you to go live in Brazil?


  • Really appreciate your clear thinking and optimistic outlook, Mary. I’m the youngest nearly-78-year-old you’ve ever seen. I’m a book editor for authors worldwide, and I’m a marketing writer. My dream for 2017 (I’ve been widowed after 24-year marriage, divorced after 12-year marriage)is to meet and marry my darling, third, final and best partner. I can see myself in a peachy/rose wedding dress. It will happen, at last!!!

  • I most want for this year to bring great wealth & prosperity in growing my business with lots of clients I can help as a Life Coach. Investing in myself to bring forth my best. I also want to go to Houston, Tx for my househunting trip for my dream home, go to some helpful & interesting Conferences, travel to a wonderful setting for some R&R like Palm Springs, Calif., Barbados, or Hawaii. Meet some new like minded people & someone wanting to cheer me on in what I do. I want to grow also in my Ministry works, and just be free to have some fun, happiness, and not worry about a thing in 2017, but be the best I can be. A new outlook by leaving the old behind.

  • I would like to be successful in my dating life.

  • I would like to be successful in my weight loss. I would to be successful at my job.




    • Mary Morrissey

      Awesome! So be it!

    • I would like to financily independent and able to live my life as I wish. I would like mostly for my family [that is left] to be with me some and to enjoy their life as a relative should. I want more freedom and happiness as I get older and older—88 yrs now and in great health. I am a writer and business woman and really cute–YE

  • I would like to be successful in my weight loss. I would to be successful in finding a companion.

  • I am wishing to make friends in a new town and move forward in a new way to feel connected and cherished.I am Alone! And want to feel needed in away that feels right for me!

    • Mary Morrissey

      Thank you for sharing your situation Geneva!

      We encourage you to move towards what supports you in feeling an energy of expansion, and to truly follow your dreams. No matter what any outside circumstance says. The power that is breathing you is greater than any worldly circumstance!

      I wish you all the best moving forward.

  • Kathleen Bloom

    Financial freedom a d Travel

  • eudegilda p.tarre

    I love to continue doing my profession as midwife and be of better service to mothers and babies.
    counselling unwed and teenage pregnant women.
    i wish i have enough resources to improve and upgrade my birthing facility to be able to give quality service to those in needs specially the less fortunate brethren.

  • Jagdish Jariwala

    Wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. Love all. Serve all. Be Good And Do Good. Be kind and spread kindness.

  • I would like to work full time and have benefits.

  • I wish to connect with a person in a nonsexual way to share time experiences and laughs. Someone in their 50’s

  • Fatima Anne Ajonye

    I will love to actually translate my communication skills to touch lives positively and make a lot of money from that.
    I would like to start my coaching/teaching/ consultation business this year

  • Mary Ann D'Alessandro

    I wish (want) to be independently wealthy and start my own pet business. Of course all the money in the world is useless unless you have good health. I always pray for good health both physically and mentally. That’s what I wish for myself and my friends and family.

  • Deborah carrick

    Hello and happy new year to you!
    I am hoping for improving better health to get back to being the old Deborah I was, the one with better health?

  • Yogesh Thakare

    I want to become major cause in development of life insurance agents from my team. I want to become a successful team leader to motivate them to earn more than their expectations.

  • Rolando Martinez

    From the bottom of my heart thanks mary for your wonderfull wishes for me. May god bless you always and be the light your guidance in all your undertaking and hope you continue to help specially those who are most in need.
    Again thank you and more power to you..

    Your friend

  • Pamella Richardson

    If I looked back a year from now I would see no matter what happened in the world I was compassionate, understanding, and helpful . I was more loving to myself which spilled out to others. I really got what it means to surrender to pure source and let life flow. I learned to trust my gifts and use them in a wonderful way to help others and the earth . I grew so much personally. I filled with light and love beyond what I have known. I lost 18 lbs. and finally gave up gluten and my body if so much happier. Pamella

  • Sharon smith

    hi my name is sharon smith yes i do feel that this year for me us going to be a surprising i hope ill be giving birth to my true love and getting engage to my soulmate that i always dreamed of

  • Kelly phillips

    I would like to have more money so I could take better care of my son’s and grandsons.

  • Sue Crawford

    My body functions beautifully and I have abundant energy for all my projects.

  • Connie Freeman

    It is my desire for 2017 is to finally break the procrastination and self defeating cycles in my life. To inspire others, to take my artist creativity to an unbelievable creative and financial height. To achieve a financial status that will take care of me for the next 20-30 yrs.


    Dear Mary,
    Thanks a lot for your best wishes, MAY I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR 2017 TOO.
    Well , the one thing I would love to be is to be a happy and peaceful person without worries and debts.
    Would like to marry if happen to meet my soul mate, as loneliness I can’t stand any more.
    Would like to share my love and friendship and give whatever I get in abundance to the needy…
    I personally want to work upon my inner being this year so as to become bold enough to face life circumstances…
    Thanks for everything Mary and GOD BLESS

  • I would love to travel through Europe with my dog.

  • Lola newman

    My ish for 2017 is to be able to forgive my family for the hurts they have created upon me .
    I wish for peace and love

  • Thank you Mary ☺
    My dream is to start a MOP in South Africa focussing on youth development. I also want to start a business which will help women wattain skills to alleviate poverty

  • Norah Lane

    To meet my other half

  • I would love to get rich,that everybody keeps telling me about. Also I would love to move to apartment. buy a new car.

  • Elaine Mena

    the one thing I would love most…is to be with my boyfriend of 2 years..he said he’s moving out 2day

  • Tammy Shaw

    Grow closer to God. Be more organised, stop procrastinating!!

  • Same for you dear!!!!

  • Dear Mary,

    Your messages are always so lovely. Thank you so much. I would love to get to know once personally. I wish you a wonderful year 2017, the best year ever for us, especially concerning partnership.

    Marlies from Vienna (Austria)

  • Happy New Year to you too Mary. Thanks for spreading joy into the hearts of many like me.

  • Great wish to you too mary, I will love to be the best student in my department this year, love to have more money than ever and get more love in my life. That is what I really want.

  • Pat clemmons

    I have a deep desire to have a farm and to have the means to rescue animals!

    I also have a desire to be a speaker.

  • Thank you for all your care

  • I have always wanted to help others in some way that is significant – I just need to cultivate he energy and commitment

  • Dear Mary,
    I wish you a very, very happy New Year as well.
    I like your video much and am looking forward to what will bring this year to all of us, you and me.
    love Achim

  • Jean Charles Spund

    hello Mary,
    I like your face of a warm hearted friend and likewise I wish you all the best for 2017.
    2016 hasn’t been good to me, I’ve had a brain vascular stroke, which left me half paralyzed, but thanks god my mind is intact.
    All my past dreams are erased, I only wish to get better somehow.
    Best regards,
    Jean Charles Spund (Paris-France)

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hello Jean Charles,

      Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Congratulations for overcoming the stroke, that is amazing!
      I wish all is better now.

      Please stay tuned!


  • A longtime dream is to live and work in a place of sunshine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in your webinar. 💖

  • I will start a permaculture farm/environmental education project -website is in the works

  • Kelly Horner

    Hi Mary,
    I would love to finally have my dream job! I wish I could tell you what that is, but I am still working through the process:)
    Thanks for your videos and ways to process my thoughts!

  • I want to find the last love of my life

  • Kim Hautakangas

    I’m planning on getting engaged and/or married this year

  • I would like to give my children more of my time and attention

  • I believe I have found my soul mate to finish all the time I have left on this earth to walk on the side of me hand in hand and in love respect honor and loyallry we r so ready for 2017 !!!!!

  • Be perfect as my Father in Heaven is

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