Why I Don’t Use the Word “Excited”

A simple leadership philosophy says, “words have power.”

Is there an area of struggle or lack that you’re experiencing right now? Or a circumstance in your life that you would like to change?

If so, I invite you to consider a possibility:

What if the reason that circumstance is in your life is not a result of what’s going on outside you?

What if that circumstance is there as a result of the words you’ve been choosing to use, both when speaking about yourself and this thing called life?

The words we choose to use have a powerful effect on the results we generate in our lives

For decades, I’ve been studying the art and science of success and transformation through a multitude of leadership philosophies.

I founded a life coaching certification company called Life Mastery Institute™, and I’m the author of two bestselling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field Of Dreams, which became a PBS special.

I’ve also had the privilege of coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people worldwide in how to create a life they truly love living.

Through these experiences, I’ve become deeply familiar with the effect that our words have on our results, our success and in our overall fulfillment of life.

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The words we use on a regular, repeated basis – whether positive or negative, expansive or contractive – are the framework through which the energy of life that moves through us is pouring.

The words we use continually to describe the events in our life, the experiences we’re having, our conditions, and our circumstances eventually become accepted by our subconscious mind as the truth.

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Our words can actually override the objective truth in our lives.

If I consistently say, “I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough,” it doesn’t matter that my potential is actually unending. I could never live my full potential in a hundred lifetimes, and neither could you – our potential is just that infinite.

But if I keep saying to myself, “I’m not good enough,” my subconscious mind will believe and act as if that’s true. Then I’ll attract more experiences and more data that tell me I’m not good enough.

It makes no difference what the “truth” is. What makes a difference is what our subconscious mind believes. The fact is, the words that you and I choose have the power to shape our reality.

This knowledge has been known since ancient times. In the beginning is the word, or the vibration. All things issue from the word or the vibration.

Take the word “abracadabra,” for example: that magical incantation that we’ve seen magicians use while waving their magic wands in TV shows and films, including one of the most beloved of all, Cinderella. The word “abracadabra” changed her whole life!

This word is actually derived from an ancient Hebrew or Aramaic phrase that means, “I create what I speak.”

You can look upon circumstances and situations, and say, “Abracadabra, I am now changing my life. I am now the person who …”

This is just one example of how the power of the spoken word has been known for a very, very, long time!

If you want to create a life that you actually love living, it’s important to be mindful of the words you’re choosing.

The words that you choose either help to raise you to a higher vibration, creating greater, freer, fuller results and bringing you more abundance, or they generate more struggle and lack.

Sometimes we use struggling, low vibration words without even realizing it, and our subconscious mind never stops us – it simply accepts what we give it, like a painter’s canvas.

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When you go to paint on a canvas, the canvas doesn’t say, “Don’t paint that dark picture. You don’t want dark pictures anymore. Paint something light.” It just reflects whatever you paint on it.

The energy of your life is a mirror. It will reflect back to you how you’re broadcasting the framework of what you really believe about yourself and about life. It’s important to focus on words that are empowering to you, so that you have a life that’s more empowering to you.

This is why I don’t use the word “excited.”

Most of us think of the word “excitement” as a really positive feeling, and believe that it’s great to feel excited.

But as Genevieve Behrend pointed out in her wonderful landmark book, Your Invisible Power (full of many powerful leadership philosophies), the expression of the word “excitement” is actually an expression of a feeling of lack of belief.

She goes on to say that when you’re excited about an outcome or a possibility, that’s evidence that it doesn’t belong to you. If it really belonged to you, you wouldn’t be excited about it, because it would be normal to you.

Every time we get excited about success, we’re saying that success isn’t normal for us – it’s beyond our normal.

By saying we’re excited about our success, we’re teaching ourselves that success is abnormal for us – a rare thing that we should get excited about, rather than a normal thing that we expect to happen consistently.

Here are some other phrases to watch out for:

You’ve probably heard others say things like: “When’s the other shoe going to drop?” and “This is too good to last!” Or maybe you’ve said these statements yourself!

People use those phrases because they’re used to a situation where every time they start having a positive expanding experience, they end up contracting back into their status quo.

We say “I knew it was too good to last,” because we don’t realize that the major, dominant words that we use create a pattern, or a vibration.

We can break through this pattern for a moment, but if that pattern itself is not broken, we’re going to collapse back down, and watch ourselves sabotage the positive changes that we wanted.

But if we change our words, we will start to see that we’re creating long-term, stable, and easy changes and results in our lives.

Here’s a simple but important truth about “excitement” and success:

When you go home and enter the front door, and the house is dark, what do you do?

You go over and flip the closest switch for light. And chances are, you are not excited when that light comes on.

Why are you not excited? Why do you not say something like, “My gosh! It was dark, and now it’s light!”

It’s because you fully expected the light to come on. You understand that there’s a law that governs the flow of electricity, the flow of those molecules, and it generates light where you direct it.

It’s the same thing with this invisible energy. When you begin to understand the laws of your own nature, and the invisible laws that govern all our results, you being to understand that excitement is actually frantic energy that doesn’t work in your favor.

You want your energy to be coherent, in alignment with your desired good. Calm confidence is a much stronger wavelength, around which the molecular structure of this thing called your results can organize itself in a coherent pattern that reflects the desire you’re hoping to turn into reality.

Look at it this way: if you plant corn, you’re not excited when corn grows. You knew that corn was going to grow, because you planted the seed of corn.

There is a power in us that knows how to do all things.

You couldn’t have this dream unless there was a way to bring it about. Today is your day. Even if you’re feeling adrift, you can manifest this dream.

To paraphrase David Henry Thoreau, “If you advance confidently in the direction of your dream, and endeavor to live the life you’ve imagined, all kinds of things happen that you can’t make happen. Because you’re using words and putting yourself in harmony with that dream, you pass an invisible boundary. You begin to live with the license of higher order beings.”

Think about that for a moment.

If you have a true expectation that you are destined for and 100% deserving of good things, that would not show up to you as a feeling of excitement over something special and unusual. Instead, you’d experience a calm knowing that you really deserve good things, and that good things belong to you.

Rather than being excited, you would actually feel grateful, and that is the feeling that you’d want to express with the type of words you use to describe the opportunity or experience that you’re drawing to yourself.

This is why you’re not going to hear me use the word “excited.” If I do use it by accident, I replace it immediately.

I’d rather say something like, “I feel really inspired about this, and I am thrilled that …”

Remember, the words you choose to describe your reality will eventually shape your reality. Do your best to use high-vibration words as often as you can!

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