Why It’s Okay to Love Money

is it wrong to love money dollar

Is it wrong to love money? Or even desire money? Does loving money make you a less spiritual person?

I used to think so, until…

An evening in a New York auditorium changed my entire perspective on wealth and abundance forever

Here’s what I mean:

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I’ve been studying transformational principles of success since 1971, and early in my education, I traveled across the country to see a famous spiritual teacher speak in an auditorium.

He was highly successful, filling 3,000-seat Lincoln Hall every week in New York City, teaching people transformational principles on how to create lives they love.

On the Saturday morning of his speech, I arrived early to make sure I’d secure a seat right up front. But instead of being one of the first people there, I was shocked to find 1,000 people waiting outside the main doors!

When I finally got in and found a seat, I got my notepad out and I was ready to take notes. And then the teacher, a white-haired man in his early 80s, walked onto the stage to a standing ovation.

He was a handsome fellow, dressed in a double-breasted three-piece suit, and his face had the look of someone who was at peace with himself and with life.

What this man did at first absolutely shocked and offended me…

Moving toward the center of the stage, he took a few moments to look around the now silent audience. And then he did something I would never have expected.

He reached into his pocket, took out his wallet, and pulled out a large wad of bills that was inside.

He then slowly fanned the bills out, and held them up to the audience.

is it wrong to love money heart


“This,” he said, looking around at the 3,000-person crowd, “is money. And I LOVE money. I just LOVE money!”

And then he brought the wad of money to his lips and kissed the bills over and over again, making loud puckering noises.

My stomach turned, my body tensed up, and I immediately felt repulsed.

I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I came all this way to listen to this man. He’s not even spiritual!”

I was shocked, disappointed and filled with judgment and criticism, and looking around the audience, it was very obvious to me that I wasn’t the only one.

Then he put the money back in his wallet, looked at the crowd, and said:

“I just want you to notice if you had some feelings of repulsion, criticism or judgment about what I just did. Maybe you even wondered if, in fact, I am not even a spiritual person because of what I just did.”

I may have even started nodding without realizing it. I absolutely felt that way!

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Then he continued:

“Let me suggest something to you. Imagine if, instead of doing what I just did, I walked out on the stage, holding the hand of a darling little five-year-old boy. Then I picked him up and held him out to you and said, ‘This, this is my grandson,’ and I brought him close and said, ‘I just LOVE my grandson!’ Then, imagine I began kissing him on the head…”

“I bet not one of you would have felt repulsed or revolted. Why? Because you’ve been highly trained that it’s okay to love a grandchild, but it’s not okay, or even spiritual, to love the symbol of your freedom.”

Hearing this, my mouth dropped open.

love vs money quote

Then he said:

“Money is a symbol for you to be able to go where you want, do what you want, have what you want and give to the causes that matter to you.”

He continued:

“So if you did feel some revulsion in what I just did with that wad of money in my wallet, I want to tell you something…Money heard you. Why would it ever come where it’s not loved?”

It’s okay to give gifts, but it’s wrong love money…right?

Many of us have been taught that it’s okay to give gifts, and it’s okay to give our time, but it’s not really okay to love the money – the symbol of our freedom to really create and live a life we truly love living.

We’ve asked, “Is it wrong to love money?” And the answer’s always been, YES.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Money is what enables you to be comfortable enough, so you can be creative enough, to really give the gifts that are within you to the world.

Since experiencing this man’s speech decades ago, my relationship with money has never been the same.

mary morrissey tedx talk
Mary Morrissey on the TEDx stage.

I’ve since created several multi-million dollar businesses in order to make an even larger impact in the world, and I ongoingly give to causes that I feel passionate about – and I’ve continued to expand my awareness and deepen my spiritual practice each and every year.

The truth is, you absolutely can enjoy financial prosperity AND be a deeply spiritual person.

It all begins with your belief system, what you choose to believe about money, and whether you make it welcome in your life.

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By Mary

Is It Wrong to Love and Desire Money?
Is It Wrong to Love and Desire Money?

Is it wrong to love and desire money? Does loving money make you a less spiritual person? Overcome fear to love money with these tips from Mary Morrissey.

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  • Hi Mary

    In 1 Timothy 6:10 the Bible states :”For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”… and in Ecclesiastes 10:19 : “…but money answers everything”…

    So I think the focus should not be on the LOVE for money, but more on the GOOD that acquiring it can have to those around us. Money must serve us and not us money.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and positive seed that you are sowing. May your harvest be TRULY BLESSED!!!

  • Interesting.
    I had a dream about money last night, after which I woke up and reassured myself that money was just an element of exchange.
    Clearly I have blocks around openly admitting my desire for more…
    Thanks for “showing up” with confirmation-don’t you love synchronicity?
    Keep up the good work

  • Mary it is 4:52 am. And reading your email. Thanks for your message. I have always been told that “you don’t know how people with money got it”. And so made me always think of money as EVIL.nasty on clean. I like to work honestly for my money but is never enough. I feel sad now because all these years have passed and no matter how much I pray asking god to fill my need I guess I have to wait on the lord but I want to learn how to love money. I need your help

    • Mary Morrissey

      Hi Chitra. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey! I really appreciate it. Please make sure you email clientcare@marymorrissey.com My team there will happily send you some tools with the ones you can start working on building your dreams and step by step approaching to each of your goals!

      Keep it up and please share the article if you liked it!

  • Seham Fahmy

    True and wwell-said; money is the source of freedom, independence, and satisfaction provided that it is well-gotten and well spent.

  • Seham Fahmy

    True and well-said; money is the source of freedom, independence, and satisfaction provided that it is well-gotten and well spent.

  • Elizabeth Vogt-quillen

    Money is only a form of energy. I love energy in all its forms. I love money and money loves me. I agree with him.I would have only thought of the germs that are now on his lips. Ewe

    • Mary Morrissey

      Thanks for your comment Elizabeth! Love it!

      Please share the article with friends and family… it will be nice to read how they feel about money…

  • Eulalia c vann

    If I have extra money I will be able to pursue my dream of helping the homeless in my community. To me money is a blessing and if it is use /shared with the people that really needs it.

  • I have always said I don’t want to be rich I want to be comfortable. Able to pay bills on time, take trips, and help others. But it seems I always struggle with my finances.

  • Jagdish Jariwala

    Attachment from inside brings sorrow and pain.

  • It is very interesting I get a lesson

  • David Humphrey

    Mary…I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Money is one of my best friends that I like to share with everyone that I love and respect.
    Money will tell you about alot of people. If they are really your friends or NOT. If you have the money you need, you need no body. Your independence and you, will find your true self. Money is Green energy, you can empower or disempower, Who are You Really?

  • I believe that since money is needed, a person should love what they do to make money, honest money. People should love to care for themselves with. Their money, not love but appreciate what money has and can do for you, help make the earth better with money since it came from the earth.

  • I live in an economy where money has little value but I have constantly declared that money in my hand has value and somehow I get to do a lot with the little I have.
    As for being spiritual….even God wants us to be rich and it is him that gives wisdom to get wealth. So in my own understanding money only implies what a man really stands for. That is if a man is spiritual, money will give him better opportunities to explore his spirituality. If otherwise, money will only aggravate his non spiritual tendencies.

  • Yeah thank you mary
    Now i fully understand and i will find im my subconscious any blockages and i will replace them. Love money love life love human species .
    you agree because love is what that attract thing love money attract money. Love is our magnet.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Thank you for your words Josue! Yes, LOVE is our magnet!
      Please share this with your friends and family and stay tuned for the next articles at: marymorrisseyblog.com

  • Rosheni Moodley

    Awesome stuff to learn frm,Never thgt of money in dat way!

  • It is lovely to have money and go shopping and buy what you want.it is lovely not to have any worries over money. Years ago I sold my house and gave my money to a group I belonged to. I volunteered to work for and live with the group. I decided a year or two later I didn’t like what I was doing.and went back to my home town. All I had was$20.00. I found a friend who was willing to rent me a room and wait for the cash. I did any kind of work until I finally got back to what I liked to do. Now I have a beautiful home and enough pensions to live a happy life. I am 86 years old

    • Mary Morrissey

      Oh dear Cynthia, thank you for sharing your journey with us! I love it! It truly is an inspiring one… please share it with as many people as you can. Also share this article if you may, thru email or thru facebook… Im sure your comments will move many souls!

  • Thank you Mary, I really needed to hear these words of wisdom!

  • David Leon

    Money doesn’t necessarily lead to freedom, because it doesn’t necessarily help you overcome fear – fear of death and fear of living like you have nothing to lose. For that, you need to realize that “death only happens to other people.” I would be happy to explain what this means. Please feel free to contact me (dleon19@atlanticbb.net) to request an explanation. Be brave, David

  • Oscar Osorio

    Thank you for that video. It’s liberating!

  • What can you say about the Bible passage that says that the love of money is root of all evil 1Timothy 6:10.

    Thank you

    Nweze Paul

    • Mary Morrissey

      Thank you for your message Paul. I would like to share with you the comments from Lisa S.:

      “Wonderful message and a good antidote to the pervasive messaging in today’s culture. I am a newly ordained minister teaching metaphysical perspectives of Scripture. In the parable of the “rich young man” I found that Jesus doesn’t tell him to “Give all your possessions to the poor.” Rather there’s a distinct step beforehand; he said go “SELL your possessions and give to the poor.” To SELL something we must contemplate its value, both the value its had for us, the effort it took to acquire that, and the value of what we’re sharing.”

      I think it makes a lot of sense! We can love money, abundance, but always holding GRATITUDE as a vane!

      Have a great day!

  • i would like to learn to love money and stay spiritual.

  • Hi Mary, thank you Soo much for your incredibly inspiring story!! It moved me deeply and I felt a big shift thank you from the depth of my soul. Bless you and all your loved ones now & always. I am a spiritual director working on my first book now and hope to speak to you in person one day. I may also upgrade my coaching skills with one of your programs as well.

    In loving Reverence,
    Milena Vigliotta

    • Mary Morrissey

      Milena… I’m so happy to read your comment! We will definitely get to meet each other soon. Congratulations for keeping up the good work and for taking your coaching skills to the next level. Please feel free to email our team at clientcare@marymorrissey.com if you should experience any trouble or if you need help while going thru the program.

  • Sushil Trivedi


  • I recognize my limiting beliefs and want to change them.

  • Wonderful message and a good antidote to the pervasive messaging in today’s culture. I am a newly ordained minister teaching metaphysical perspectives of Scripture. In the parable of the “rich young man” I found that Jesus doesn’t tell him to “Give all your possessions to the poor.” Rather there’s a distinct step beforehand; he said go “SELL your possessions and give to the poor.” To SELL something we must contemplate its value, both the value its had for us, the effort it took to acquire that, and the value of what we’re sharing.

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