“Happy Harvesting” by Mary Morrissey

The universe demonstrates its perfection in the law of the farm. If you want to grow a great crop, get yourself in harmony with the law of the farm.

We can’t argue our way out of how nature works. Get in harmony with it, discipline yourself and plant at the right time. Till the soil, clear the weeds and create an environment for growth to naturally occur.

Be in harmony with the natural goodness of life. Unlimited abundance is in our nature; Every one of us is a student of life. Every student who obeys the law and is a true servant of good –who is disciplined and obedient to the good –will become a greater soul and will reap the power to control every condition and enjoy every blessing.

Think about it. If we are simply obedient to the law, become a good students and practice daily, life unveils everything for us.

Happy Harvesting,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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