Good Friday

Today in the Christian faith, it is a special day:  It is Good Friday.
Many wonder at some point why we call this day ‘Good Friday’ when it honors the time when Jesus was crucified.   You can only call it ‘Good Friday’ when you have a perspective that there is something good coming out of this difficulty, tragedy or betrayal.  
The good comes not from the betrayal itself but from how Jesus handled it.  What he did with this betrayal shows every single one of us that no matter what has happened in our lives, there is a power that we find right in the center of our own hearts. 
There is a higher good than one can see when in a dark moment.  That power is brought forth as no matter what it is we’re going through, we remember love and we remember to forgive.  This gives rise to something in our lives that is more powerful than any circumstance can ever be; even death itself.
Today is Good Friday; There is a greater good at work in all of our lives.

By Mary

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