“Find Your Way” by Mary Morrissey

Do you remember learning to play hide-and-seek as a kid? At the beginning of the game, everybody says, ‘Not it,’ ‘Not it…’ because one person is going to be left being ‘It.’

Well what if we actually had it wrong—that not being ‘It’ is not the goal; it is actually is the goal to be it? The goal is to actually be the one who is not only seeking, but finding.

All day long today The Universe is going to send you signals. ‘It.’ ‘Not it.’ When your heart opens and you feel more alive –you say a kind word, you think a good thought –you will have the feeling of expansion. That’s it. When you get worried, start complaining or feel resentful, you are going to feel contraction. That’s not it.

The Universe is sending signals every single day. It. Not it. This helps us find our way. Listen to those signals, and find your way.

Find Your Way,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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