A Simple 5-Step Process For Evaluating Your Goals for 2018

Here’s how to evaluate your goals and dreams for 2018, and make sure they are worthy of your time, attention and energy

The end of each year is a very special time – a chance to reflect back on the progress you made on the goals you set for yourself, on all of the opportunities that came your way, and the challenges you may have faced over the past year.

Most importantly, the New Year is also a time to create a clear and compelling vision for what’s next for you!

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You may already know the goals and dreams you want to pursue in 2018, or you may still be deciding what these will be for you.

Once you do have a clear idea of what your dreams for 2018 will be, it’s important to make sure that those dreams are truly worthy of your time, attention and energy.

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You are worthy of any dream you can conceive, because life deemed you worthy by giving you life! And we live in an abundant, giving Universe that seeks to support you in achieving your highest good.

However, it’s also important that the dreams you put your energy into are ones that are in alignment with your purpose and core values.

Here Are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out If A Dream You Have Is Actually Worthy Of You:

  1. Does your dream give you life? Do you feel an amplified aliveness when you imagine yourself having achieved that dream?
  2. Does your dream align with your core values? If one of your core values is to live a healthy lifestyle, for example, pursuing a dream to run a marathon would be in alignment with this core value.
  3. Is your dream going to require that you grow as a person? Will you be required to stretch yourself beyond your current comfort zone?
  4. Will you need help from a higher power to achieve this dream? If you know every single thing you’ll need to do to achieve that dream, the answer is no. If you know what you want but have no idea how you’ll get there, then yes, you will need help from a higher power… making this a worthy goal!
  5. Is there some good in your dream for others? Even if your dream is to meet the love of your life, there’s still good in that dream for others. If you’ve ever seen two people in love, this energetically elevates everyone else around them.

As you create your dreams for 2018, I invite you to evaluate each one by asking yourself these five questions. If you answer yes to all five, then the dream you have in your heart is worthy of your time, attention and energy!

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This Is My Happy New Year’s Wish For You…

My Happy New Year’s wish for you is that you have your best year ever.

I wish for you a year in which you cherish the past year’s memories, you live your life anew each day, and that each and every moment is filled with bright expectancies.

I wish for you a year in which life is peaceful, that what you want, you receive – a year filled with happiness and growth galore.

May you take time to recognize and enjoy each and every blessing, and may you actualize your fondest dreams. Happy New Year!

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