“Eat Mindfully” by Mary Morrissey

Today, let’s practice eating mindfully. Before you start eating your food — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — take a moment and simply put your hand a few inches above the food and bless the food and all the many people who in some way had interaction.

Include even the truck driver who may have brought it to where you purchased it…The earth, the sun, the universe, all the solar energy that’s in this food. Give thanks for this food that will nourish the body temple through which you live your life.

My friend Ricky Byers-Beckwith has a rule: “No sad stories while we are eating; It gets into the food and then into us.”

While you are eating, not only bless the food but choose blessed thoughts and blessed conversation. Speak of gratitude, appreciation, wonder and awe. Notice how it changes your day when you choose to eat mindfully.

Enjoy Some Blessed Meals Today,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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