Dealing with Disappointment

How do we deal with disappointment?
I remember a time in the airport I was very disappointed that my flight was delayed by several hours.  I wanted very much to go home and see my husband and our kids but engine trouble caused the plane to turn around and come back.  There was a lot of temptation to just be frustrated and whine a bit. 
I bet you have times in your life when you feel exactly the same way.  I was thinking to my spiritual took kit and how I have learned to deal with disappointment in the past.  One of the tools I remembered is to do a blessing list.  Just start paying attention to your blessings.
I felt blessed to have a place I really wanted to get to.  I felt blessed to have people I really wanted to be with.  I was grateful that they noticed the engine trouble while we were still on the tarmac.  My blessing list went on and on. Before long, even though I still would’ve preferred to be home, my whole energy and my whole emotional center was different.  I had changed my energy. 
I don’t know if you are dealing with disappointment today or not –But if you are, try what I am suggesting.  If not, put it in your spiritual tool kit and the next time you feel some disappointment, do a blessing list.  You’ll find yourself in a brighter place in no time.  

By Mary

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