There is a quote by WH Murray that says, “Until one is committed there is hesitancy, a chance pull back and always ineffectiveness.  Once one is definitely committed then providence moves too.”
Murray was a mountain climber.  What he was speaking about was that because he was committed to climb the mountain, all sorts of things began to occur to support that very commitment.  He would run into people who had information he would need, or walk by a store and notice supplies.  All sorts of things –providence moves, too.
Once you make a decision to get well, one you make a decision to have more energy, once you make a decision to get really committed to anything, God helps you.  But until you get committed, there is a chance for hesitancy. 
Where is the hesitancy, wondering, doubt or fear that’s controlling your life?  Go ahead, get committed, make a decision and let God help you.

By Mary

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