“Choose and Create” by Mary Morrissey

Esther Hicks wrote a wonderful book, Ask and It Shall Be Given. She writes about how it is that you and I create life through the law of attraction. We create by our point of attraction and with our focus of attention. We can tell by our feelings what our thinking will create.

There is no source of poverty but you and I can restrict our natural abundance. There is no source of sickness but you and I can constrict our natural flow of well-being.

Esther suggests that each one of us pays attention to our dreams. In our dreams we can actually create a dream state of a desired outcome. Whether a conscious dream, a daydream or an actual sleep dream, let your dream states be guides for you about futures you might choose to create.

Remember –it is your life, and you have choice. Let your choice today be for life, and live abundantly.

Dream It And Achieve It,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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