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Why Celebrating My First Mother’s Day at Age 17 Was Actually a Blessing

john boggs rich boggs as kids

My sons, Rich Boggs and John Boggs – age 5

Mother’s Day is often a day of reflection for me.

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day at the age of 17, and while that may sound scary for some, it was actually a blessing for me.

Whether you’re a mother or not, I’m sure you’ve had moments in your life that have rocked your world in a big way. We’ve all been there.

It’s what we do when we stare down the seemingly impossible situations in our lives that show us what we’re truly capable of. (more…)

What Gandhi Wants You to Know About the Power of Positive Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

What does this mean? How does it embody the power of positive thinking… and how does it instruct us on finding happiness?

We think, we speak words, and we take action. But when our words and actions are not in alignment, we are essentially teaching ourselves and others that we can’t be trusted.


How to Practice Mindfulness


Have you ever had a day when you felt irritated, stressed and strained, and every little thing that happened seemed to make it worse?

People around the world, especially Americans, often report feeling overwhelmed by busy-ness. We’re surrounded by electronics, opportunities, choices and information, all coming at us at high speed, and sometimes our brains struggle to sort through the deluge.

People today have to make more decisions in 24 hours than our ancestors did in a year. Even little things, like buying a pair of athletic shoes, are more complicated than they used to be, with tens of thousands of options vying for our attention in this one small area of life alone.

Our conscious mind may not fully pick this up, but our subconscious does, and this constant stimulation leaves us overwhelmed, tired and stressed.


Listen To The Love

Have you ever paused to think that you are really a human being, and not a human “doing”?
Today is an invitation for you to pause in your normal activity, to set aside your “to do list” and enter deeply into the magnificent feeling of your “being-ness.”

Today is an opportunity to be available to life as it flows through you. Be available to the mystery today. Be available to the awe, rapture and wonder of your own aliveness. Experience the colors that are around you, the sounds, and notice how everything pulses with energy.

When you pause for a moment and let go of your busyness and your “to do list” you open space for appreciating the here and now. From this pause, that voice in you that always beckons you to more makes itself known.

Listen to the voice of love within you; it is the voice of your own beautiful becoming.

Listen to love.

Live in Wonderment,

Mary Morrissey

A Simple Tool to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year! To celebrate the start of 2016, I have a special gift for you: a simple practice that completely changed my life, and enabled me to stay happy, focused, positive, and on track toward my dreams.

You see, I used to find it easy to get sidetracked from my dreams. One moment, I’d be creating a life I loved… and the next, I’d slip into negativity and self-sabotaging thoughts, or get distracted and lose an hour that I’d planned to spend working toward my goals.

When I mastered this simple tool, not only did every single day become happier and more fulfilling, but I made much faster progress toward my dreams!

If you want to be happier every day, and make 2016 the best year you’ve ever had, please take three minutes to watch my special New Year’s video:

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Happy New Year!
Mary Morrissey

Your Wisdom Self

Let’s spend a moment really deeply contacting the real Self. The Self that is the I am that is breathing you. It is the I am that you are before you took on this human birth, and after you lay this human body down for the last time.

For a moment, take a deep breath with me. Inhale … exhale … as you breathe just notice your body. Feel the weight of your clothing and the air touching your exposed skin. Now for a moment, notice your thinking. What you were thinking before you opened your email? What are you thinking about now? Notice your thinking.

Now for a moment, notice your feelings … whether you’ve been feeling happy or sad, concerned or content, or something else. What is the feeling that has been the predominant feeling state you’ve been in today?

Now ask yourself this question, who is it in me that can notice my body, but is not my body? Who is it that can notice my thinking but is more than the thought itself? Who is it that can notice my feeling, but is not the emotion? That One is your real self, your wisdom self.

That One, is completely at peace right now. That One, knows your purpose, and the solutions to any challenge before you. You can make moments like these whenever you choose, by simply pausing for a moment, making contact with your real Self, and accessing that place of deep peace and wisdom.

Trust your Deep Wisdom Self,


Goal Setting

Goal-setting is a drag for most people. It’s very easy to daydream about something we would like; finding the love of our life, having the money that can afford us the freedom we desire, having the career that matters to us, enjoying better, vibrant health, but it’s hard to actually set a goal and then even more challenging to achieve it.

The reasons most people don’t achieve their goals is fear, limitation-based thinking and procrastination.

In other words, we imagine having the life we really want and before long, doubt and worry sneak in. We think, “Who am I to think I can do this?” We get dissuaded and distracted. “This isn’t a good time,” we tell ourselves. Or we make excuses and think, “I can think better when I respond to these emails… finish the laundry… clear out this mess in the living room first.”


How To Be Happy

How to be happy and have an endless source of sustained, abundant happiness in your life, with just 20 minutes of thought exercises every single day.

Happiness eludes a lot of people. There are books written about it. There are pharmaceutical drugs intended to help people feel it more often. We invent and buy things that promise to make us feel just a little bit happier, every day.

Yet, none of these are an easy answer to how to be happy.

When I was a very young woman, just beginning to study personal development, the topic of happiness was something that fascinated me. I noticed that there were some people that were happy pretty much all the time, no matter the circumstances surrounding their lives. What was their secret?

It was around this time that I became exposed to the writings of one of the premier transformational teachers of the early 20th century—Emmet Fox. For many years, thousands of people would pour into Lincoln Center once a week to hear him speak.

One of Emmet’s famous lectures was “How to Be Unhappy.” It may seem a strange topic for a lecture, after all, who wants to be unhappy? Interestingly, however, there were key lessons for all of us in his lecture if we paid attention, not on how to be unhappy but on how to be happy.

Here’s his prescription for unhappiness.

First, be sure to set aside twenty minutes a day. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit where you’re not likely to be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths and begin to think about yourself.

Every time your mind wanders to something else — your kids, your work, your friend’s thoughtful gesture, the birds singing outside your window — all you need to do is gently and persistently bring your thoughts right back to yourself.

Think about the past and all the mistakes you’ve ever made.

Think of all the time you’ve wasted and all the opportunities you’ve missed.

Especially think about all the ways you’ve been treated badly, or all the injustices that have been brought upon you, or ways in which you’ve been a victim.

Imagine how much better off you’d be right now if people from your past had just treated you properly or the way you deserved!

Remind yourself of the unkind things people have done or said to you. Be sure to go over those incidents in excruciating detail.

And if a particular person has never actually offended you, tell yourself that he or she may have if they’d actually had the chance. They probably talked about you behind your back, in any case.

how to be unhappy bye glove

Now, think about your body and see if you can discover an ache or pain somewhere. (You probably can, if you search long enough).

Then, think about your business or finances. Even if things are going well now, it’s probably just a matter of time before things fall apart. Dwell on that.


If you can just think about yourself in this way for 15 or 20 minutes a day, there’s no doubt about the result.

You WILL be unhappy.

It’s something you can work on and improve upon every time you practice.

Therefore, if unhappiness is a habit that can be practiced and learned, happiness is also a habit that can be practiced and learned. It’s something you can learn, and it’s something you can make progress toward.

All you have to do is, instead of spending 20 minutes a day being self-centered and self-deprecating, spend 20 minutes a day doing the opposite — helping others and feeling gratitude. Think about those you can support and encourage, and what’s good in your life.

how to be happy smile woman

Before you know it, you will have an endless source of sustained, abundant happiness in your life, with just 20 minutes of thought exercises and practice every single day.

And that’s how to be happy.

And now, just one more thing…I have a gift for YOU!

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  • Generate an instant wave of gratitude for yourself and your life – even if it’s only the ability to walk through this day, to see the sky, or to see the smile on a stranger’s face. A grateful heart is a wealthy heart!
  • Shift your focus away from what seems to be missing or wrong, so that you’re more easily able to direct your awareness toward what you would love to expand and experience more of in your life.
  • Begin to see golden opportunities that were here all along, but you simply weren’t able to see them from the frequency of fear, doubt, worry and criticism. Gratitude is an open door to a happier, to a healthier, and to a wealthier life!


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Unfolding Your Good

Forgiveness is a shift in perception, which removes a block to the awareness of Love’s presence.  There’s a saying that goes, To hold a grudge is to drink a little poison each day and expect the other person to die.  It’s true!

Forgiveness is a cleansing of your mental field.  It cleanses mis-perceptions; it puts you in a higher vibration.  You and I have the power to charge every experience with an opinion, deciding this is good, or this is not good.  When you claim something is not good, you have just removed yourself from the opportunity, to transform that experience, claim the good within it, and use that good as a lever for your ever-upward movement in the spiral of your becoming.

Remove the negative charge, shift your perception, and the good that is ever-present in this life experience can make itself known to you.

To your Unfolding Good,