“Begin Within” by Mary Morrissey

There is a spiritual law that says you can have anything you are willing to become. We live in a world that operates by the Law of Attraction. We have a magnetic pull to externals that match the energy that we primarily hold internally. So, if we want to bring something into our lives or experience a new result, the place to begin is within ourselves. It’s an inside-out universe. We can have anything we’re willing to become.

So consider what you like to call into your life. Then, ask yourself, “Am I willing to become that? If not now, when?” The key is to walk in the world radiating the very thing you want to bring in your life. If you want more friendship, radiate friendship. If you want more love and close companionship, then be loving to every person you meet in the most appropriate way. But, be that. Be the very thing you’d like to bring in your life. Each one of us can truly and really have anything we’re willing to become.

To Your Becoming All You Seek,

Mary Morrissey

By Mary

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