Working With The Law Of Attraction

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Working With The Law Of Attraction

Hi. This is Mary Morrissey, and you and I are creating a deeper understanding and a greater access to the laws of the universe by studying these 12 basic laws of the universe for these days together.

Now, yesterday and today, we’re focusing on the law of attraction. Not just having an awareness of it, but an understanding how to evoke, invoke, and work with this law of attraction.

So instead of fighting what’s going on in our life, we actually make welcome the very things we long for, the deep desires of our heart and our mind.

Yesterday we talked about the two phases of the law of attraction, desire and expectation.

Now it does no good to desire a thing unless you actually expect that the universe knows how to do this. Expect that that desire in you has an answer in the universe and that you can make a contact with that answer that will show you how to bring forth the very thing you desire.

If you have no expectation, that desire just stays in the domain of idle wishing or wanting or daydreaming. And we’ve all experienced lots of daydreams, wishing for, wishing for, longing for, but nothing ever changes.

It’s not because the universe would not delight to support you in helping you have a life you love living, as much as electricity would be very happy to light up your house.

But if I’m out of harmony with the way the law works, even though the law would work perfectly for me too, that fact that I’m out of harmony with it means that I don’t get to experience its result.

So the law of attraction, we are always attracting to us what’s in harmony with our desire and our expectation. The challenge is, for many of us, we’ve learned to expect little.

We’ve learned to expect struggle.

We’ve learned to expect just barely getting by.

So we’re going to change that now.

So you have a desire. Yesterday you came up with several desires that matter to you, a life you’d love to live.

Now, as we invoke the law, that part of the law, the phase of the law, called expectation, what we want to do is connect those two through a very powerful force called attention.

When we have a desire and we recognize that I need to be feeling a feeling of expectation, how do I generate more wavelength, generate more magnetic pull, in this absolute law of attraction.

Just like if I want light in my house, I’m going to generate the wiring in my house, I’m going to get connected to the grid and I’m going to plug in a good lamp. That’s what you’re doing here.

The desire, the expectation, you hook them together with your attention. Not just in your thinking but in your action.

If I expected this to work, what would I be doing?

If I expected my desire to come true right now as we speak, what’s the conversation I’m having?

Where am I putting my attention and what am I doing with that attention in the field of my action?

This is not only a clue, it’s magic.

Try it out.

Watch my video series on “How to Discover and Live Your Dreams” (worth $100) for free at:

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