3 Secret Ways People Procrastinate On Their Dreams

How many times has procrastination prevented you from pursuing and achieving your dreams? Do you fear that the goals and dreams you have now won’t come true, because of the ways you’ve procrastinated or given up on them in the past?

Many of us struggle to achieve our dreams because of our mindset. It’s our way of thinking that keeps us stuck.

When it comes to pursuing our goals or dreams, there’s often two parts of us at work – the part that wants to move forward toward what it is that we desire, and the part of us that argues for why we can’t. (more…)

3 Powerful Steps to Release the Past & Move Forward Toward Your Dreams

Have you ever felt weighed down by your past?

As though no matter what you did, you can’t seem to shake the hurt, pain or the negative thought patterns borne of some past experience, and move forward to your dreams?

It can feel like you’re stuck in a pessimistic loop, unable to move forward toward greater happiness, joy and fulfillment. If your past is holding you back from creating a life you truly love living, remember that you are far more powerful than anything you may have faced or are currently are facing.

You have the power to design a life you love and turn your dreams into your reality!


3 Powerful Secrets to Find Time to Grow Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur?

Do you find yourself wondering, “Why is finding time to grow my business such a challenge?

If finding time to grow your business has been a challenge for you, you’re not alone…

Time is a limited resource, and every single one of us only has 86,400 seconds in a single day — yet, the world’s most successful people are able to accomplish much more in those 86,400 seconds!

What’s their secret?


You Have The Power Over Your Mind

A wise man named Marcus Aurelius once said, “You have power over your own mind – not over events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

When I applied this quote to my life, I gained the ability not only to stay calm when my circumstances seemed overwhelming, but to use a simple shift in my thoughts to turn serious problems into unappreciated blessings.


How to Practice Mindfulness


Have you ever had a day when you felt irritated, stressed and strained, and every little thing that happened seemed to make it worse?

People around the world, especially Americans, often report feeling overwhelmed by busy-ness. We’re surrounded by electronics, opportunities, choices and information, all coming at us at high speed, and sometimes our brains struggle to sort through the deluge.

People today have to make more decisions in 24 hours than our ancestors did in a year. Even little things, like buying a pair of athletic shoes, are more complicated than they used to be, with tens of thousands of options vying for our attention in this one small area of life alone.

Our conscious mind may not fully pick this up, but our subconscious does, and this constant stimulation leaves us overwhelmed, tired and stressed.


Working With Intention

Sometimes the greatest lessons come from children … . 

I was out to dinner one evening with my granddaughter, Allie, and our host gave her a small place mat menu with a maze on it.  She smiled and said, I want to show you something.  She took her finger to the maze and put it right to the end at the finish and then traced backwards to the beginning.  She then took her pencil and found her way very easily to the end!

She said, When you start at the end first, then you know where you want to end up and it’s easier to find your way.  I said, You know what Allie, that’s just how it is in life.  If you know where you want to end up, it’s a whole lot easier to find your way.

With this lesson, ask yourself:  Where do I want to end up?  Where do I really want to be in relationship to the important people in my life –with the earth, myself and my creative capacity? Where do I want to end up when I put my head on the pillow for the very last time?

Because as Allie pointed out, when you know where you want to end up, it’s a whole lot easier to find your way.

To Working with Intention,

Mary Morrissey

Small Things Count

Mother Teresa once said, We can do no great things; we can do only small things with great love.

What this small woman practiced absolutely transformed the thinking of many, many millions of people on this planet, about what a difference one person can make.

So today, go into everything you’re doing, every conversation you have, and seek – not to do great things – but to do small things, with great love.

To Transforming Lives with Love,

Mary Morrissey

Listen To The Love

Have you ever paused to think that you are really a human being, and not a human “doing”?
Today is an invitation for you to pause in your normal activity, to set aside your “to do list” and enter deeply into the magnificent feeling of your “being-ness.”

Today is an opportunity to be available to life as it flows through you. Be available to the mystery today. Be available to the awe, rapture and wonder of your own aliveness. Experience the colors that are around you, the sounds, and notice how everything pulses with energy.

When you pause for a moment and let go of your busyness and your “to do list” you open space for appreciating the here and now. From this pause, that voice in you that always beckons you to more makes itself known.

Listen to the voice of love within you; it is the voice of your own beautiful becoming.

Listen to love.

Live in Wonderment,

Mary Morrissey

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