Greater is He That is Within You

Are you feeling small and overwhelmed? Now is the time to re-center and rejuvenate yourself, so you can move forward with confidence and peace.

Just press ‘play’ on the player below, and I’ll show you how to tap into a source of wisdom, power and serenity that will help you accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Here’s to Your Power,

Mary Morrissey

3 Myths That Can Hold You Back in Life

Are these three myths sabotaging your efforts to create the life of your dreams?

We all pick up false beliefs while we’re growing up. But not everybody learns to see through these beliefs and create the life they desire. That’s why some people stay stuck in jobs, relationships, and lifestyles that they don’t enjoy, while other people forge ahead and create things that might have seemed impossible considering their circumstances.

In today’s video, I’ll reveal three common myths that millions of people believe in, and I’ll show you how to shatter these myths so they can no longer keep you from the life of your dreams.

(This video was the second in a 3-part series. Click for access to the first video. If you’d like to know more about the event I mentioned in the video click here)

Here’s to creating your best life,

Mary Morrissey

Inside Out Universe

There is a spiritual law that says you can have anything you are willing to become. We live in a world that operates by the Law of Attraction. We have a magnetic pull to externals that match the energy that we primarily hold internally.

So, if we want to bring something into our lives or experience a new result, the place to begin is within ourselves. It’s an inside-out universe. We can have anything we’re willing to become.

So consider what you like to call into your life. Then, ask yourself, “Am I willing to become that? If not now, when?” The key is to walk in the world radiating the very thing you want to bring in your life.

If you want more friendship, radiate friendship. If you want more love and close companionship, then be loving to every person you meet in the most appropriate way. But, be that.

Be the very thing you’d like to bring in your life. Each one of us can truly and really have anything we’re willing to become.

To Your Becoming All You Seek,

Mary Morrissey

Have A Landmark Day

There are many landmark moments in our lives. We get married, we have a baby, a child graduates, a grandchild is born. Or other moments that are perhaps less significant in terms of how the world would see them, but yet they hold significance for us.

At landmark moments we have a realization; we know that our life is turning here, changing forever. Inside ourselves there is a moment when we know this is so good, it’s so good to be alive.

So today I invite you to open to the possibility that today can be a landmark moment when you open up and pay attention and give thanks. Remember how good it is to be alive. Have a landmark day.

Celebrating You,

Mary Morrissey

Open the Doorway to a Balanced Life

Have you ever stood in front of a fire when one of the embers sparked out and perhaps landed on your jacket or your sleeve?

You know that if you leave that ember there it will quickly burn a hole in your clothing. However, if you immediately flick it off there is just a little bit of soot that remains, and no lasting damage.

Your thoughts are like those embers. When thoughts arise out of feelings of resentment, revenge, or envy, you must quickly flick them away.

These thoughts can fuel the negative emotions to continue, which affects the health of your cells, and can actually erode your sense of connection with life.

You want to cancel the whole process right away and turn your attention to loving, offering appreciation and gratitude. These higher frequencies open the doorway to life in balance, life in harmony.

So today if you notice any negative thought, let it go, and turn back to the truth that life is abundant and meant to be enjoyed.

Focus on Gratitude,

Mary Morrissey

How to Conquer Your Fears

It’s time to learn how to conquer your fears, find your center, and make the laws of the universe your partner in creating the life you desire!

Are you ready to stop holding back out of fear, stop feeling like the universe isn’t on your side, and start moving forward with grace and confidence? You’re about to discover how our fears actually CREATE more of the problems we’re trying to avoid, and how to overcome them so you can take brave, uninhibited action for the future you want to build.

Press ‘play’ on the player above to listen to a pre-recorded audio.

Here’s to YOUR Success,
Mary Morrissey

Turn Up Your Mental Frequency to Match Your Dream

If you were to watch T.V. today and you didn’t like the broadcast, you would change the channel. The same thing is true of your mind. If you don’t like the frequency you are stuck on, you have a choice.

Most people have no idea they can change the channel. They are stuck on C.N.N. (Constantly Negative News).

They don’t realize they could choose to be on Discovery, Home & Garden, the History Channel, or any number of other mental frequencies that are in harmony with the life they want to create.

If you are stuck in a thinking rut, you might try asking yourself an empowering question like, “How can I see this differently?” or “What could I be thinking about that would bring me most alive?”

Then stay with the question until you get off that old channel. You’ll know you are on the new channel when you start feeling uplifted again.

Choose Wisely,

Mary Morrissey

Endless Possibilities

When most people consider the life they want to have, they ask the wrong question. They ask, “Is my dream possible?” Then they look at their conditions to determine the answer.

Those conditions may be very convincing. They may be your bank account statement. They may be your location. They may be your age.

But the universe is full of endless possibility. By definition, it is unlimited. By looking at your conditions to determine your dream, you squeeze the infinite into a tiny little picture of what you think is possible.

Remember, a hundred years ago, flying in a plane was impossible. Even the internal combustion engine used in every car today was impossible. If those inventors looked to the current conditions back then to determine their dreams, we may never have made these leaps.

Start today by asking yourself instead, “What would I love?” Then allow yourself to dream without limit. Write down the ideas that come to you. Look for the feeling of aliveness that arises inside you as you dream and let it guide you.

To Your Dreams,

Mary Morrissey

Create the Results You Want

We become what we think about.

We become what we think about, and for each of us there must be a constant stream of new thought, better thought, truer thought — to ensure progression in our lives.

Just as you can count on a well-tended crop producing, your life will absolutely produce the results you have planted by using your thoughts.

Make sure the thoughts you are planting will produce the crop you wish to have, as a result.

Here’s To The Results You Want,

Mary Morrissey

How Your Creative Process Works

Knowingly or unknowingly, we exercise the power to produce thoughts, which in turn produce results. This creative process works day and night; it doesn’t sleep until the idea has been completed.

We cannot picture thoughts of poverty and expect in return wealth. It cannot be done, anymore than a photographer can take a picture of a house and then produce a picture of an ocean.

It’s your creative process. Produce the thoughts that, in turn, produce the results you want.

To Your Creative Process,

Mary Morrissey

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