The Invisible and Visible Laws

You are operating in a life that has two components: the visible and the invisible. Just as there are physical laws, there are laws of mind and spirit.

If you’re wondering if this is true, just test it out. Put your mind in harmony with the good you seek, begin to expect it and notice that you will begin to experience ideas, opportunities will arise, and people will make suggestions that are in harmony with your desired good.

Have you ever decided to buy a blue car and all of a sudden you see blue cars everywhere? You attract by your interest and your desire, so when you set your desire, create an expectation that what you desire will appear.

Expect the Good,

Mary Morrissey

How Failures Can Be Good

Something may happen that you consider a failure, but you can develop a broader understanding that everything that happens can be used for the greater good.

From the proper perspective, what looks like failure can be useful information. In fact, the degree to which you fail (if you then implement what you have learned) conversely becomes the degree to which you can succeed.

There really are no mistakes!

Believing in You,

Mary Morrissey

Don’t Limit Life

Life truly is infinite. The good it offers you is without end.

The question is: What kind of vessel will you bring to life’s ocean? Will you bring a small pot to the infinite sea of life, and leave with just a little good? Will you bring a cracked pot, and complain that good always slips through your fingers? Or will you bring a well-hewn ship and sail out onto the sea, surrounding yourself with all the good and beauty there is?

No matter how big a container you bring, the good of life itself is always greater than you can imagine. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t limit life!

Play in the waves,

Mary Morrissey

Happy Mother’s Day

A special Mother’s Day message…

You are loved and appreciated.

Please share with those you care about.

To Your Best Life,

Prepare For The Life You Want

When you start making preparations for what you want, it energizes the field of possibilities to come to you much faster. Instead of just rocking in a chair and waiting, you can prepare; you can start working.

If you were expecting 20 people to show up at your house for dinner tonight, your preparations would involve accommodating that number of guests. Ideally, you would start well in advance. The key is to do the same with your dreams!

You continually draw into life what you prepare for and expect. Many perceived failures take place because you have not forced your expectations to keep up pace with your desires.

Get a vivid picture of what you want to create, then focus on preparing and expecting!

Prepare now for the life you want,

Mary Morrissey

How to Relax In The Now

We live in a world that keeps us very busy. Most people are not relaxed. There’s only one place to be relaxed, and that’s in the now.

If you are thinking about the past, or the future, you won’t be as relaxed into the moment as you could be.

Try this: Feel your body relax. Feel your breath rising and falling.

Everything is here and now. Just feel your forehead relax and your shoulders let go. You don’t have to carry the weight of anything today.

I’d like to invite you to walk in a peace that supports you and reminds you that you’re never alone. You are always companion-ed.

You are always guided. You can trust this. You can let go into the here and now.

Enjoy the present,

Mary Morrissey

Sitting in God’s Classroom

I love reading the poetry of Hafiz, the Persian poet in the 1300’s who in his poetry writes about having a love affair with life itself, right in the midst of our daily living.

He writes this one sweet little poem that I want to offer you today for consideration.

“We have all come to the right place. We all sit in God’s classroom. Now, the only thing left for us to do my dear, is to stop throwing spitballs for a while.”

What a wonderful thought! Here you are, and the curriculum of your daily life is perfect. The spit-balls are merely thoughts of, “I want this to be different.”

What if we could stop throwing spit-balls and start embracing, opening up to, and inviting the curriculum of love to have its way today? What a wonderful day you can create.

Enjoy the Classroom,

Mary Morrissey

How to Activate The Law of Receiving

The Law of Receiving is activated through the practice of giving.

That means through the pure pleasure of giving.

It is not activated by looking in your wallet and mumbling, “Well, what can I afford?”, but a giving that is in harmony with the life you want to lead.

The activation of the Law of Receiving in your life is very powerful.

I suggest an experiment in the regular practice of giving, just for 30 days, then just notice what’s happened in your receiving. My belief is that if you do this with a good heart, you will never look back.

Give with Your Whole Heart,

Mary Morrissey

Trust Your True Desires

True desire represents the urge of life, seeking a fuller expression through you.

When you desire something with your whole self, like a fulfilling relationship, or a satisfying career, that is life itself desiring to be expressed through you!

You can trust it. A true, heart-felt desire is kept alive by a continuous expectation of its fulfillment.

Trust that the ever-upward urge in you is seeking a greater, fuller, freer life, and will bring to you the ways and the means for its manifestation.

Desire Greatly,

Mary Morrissey

The Law of Mind

No desire is felt until the supply is ready to appear. That is the truth.

The minute you have a desire, it is immediately in the Law of Mind, in the Law of Receiving.

The supply exists at a level that you are not aware of, but when you embrace your desire and expect its fulfillment, you draw it to you.

The Law is infinite; it does not withhold any more than the law of mathematics could withhold numbers.

You may make mistakes as you find your way, but they enable you by their correction to better know the Law.

Trust in your supply.

Expect Greatly,

Mary Morrissey

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