Movement Changes Lives

It was Edison who said that great ideas originate in the muscles.

Great ideas originate in the muscles — if we move our bodies, it moves blood; it promotes circulation. This movement and increased flow occurs not just in our muscles but in our brain, from which great ideas originate.

If we will just move our bodies a little bit more than we’re used to we can start a movement for good. Maybe we take three big stretches today, do a couple of sit-ups, or whatever it is that would move your body a little bit differently than you’re used to doing.

Notice what happens to your thinking. It’s okay today to have a great idea. Wouldn’t that change your life or make a difference for good? I want to have some great ideas today. Join me in this. Let’s move our muscles and generate some great ideas.

Let’s Get Moving,
Mary Morrissey

The Power In You

Research has shown that we all have a learned voice of internal judgment.

This internal voice often shuts down our genius. When we realize that it doesn’t matter what happened in our upbringing, we are liberated. When we apply our highest truth to our lives, our self-imposed constraints no longer hold us down, and we open to a whole new experience.

Negative feelings and judgment are like acid on our skin; it burns, and it destroys the tissue. Rather than wallowing in anger and judgment, find something that you care about more than your anger and it will give you life. It will become something bigger than your hurt.

The power within you is bigger than the hurt you feel.

Here’s To The Power In You,

Mary Morrissey

The Life Energy In You

You have Life energy in you.

Living — with all its attributes — is something that doesn’t just happen to touch a fortunate few. You have life energy in you. It is simply seeking your awareness and direction through intelligent use of the power of your thought, for the good you desire to experience and give.

Life, according to Spiritual Law, that patterns invisible substance into the outward pattern of your inward thinking, will manifest through you in a particular way that is uniquely suited to what you focus upon.

Let your imagination run free today in the realm of your great dreams. Think thoughts that feel good to you. Today will never happen again.

To Your Life Energy,

Mary Morrissey

How to Remain Calm Amid Life’s Storms

Are you ready to stop being a victim of circumstance, and learn how to keep calm and take control of your life?

I’m happy about sharing this audio with you! You’re about to discover how to reclaim a sense of power, direction and calm in the midst of life’s storms, so that no matter what is going on, you’ll be able to move with peace and purpose toward the life of your dreams.

Press ‘play’ in the player above to hear the audio.

Here’s to Staying Calm,

Mary Morrissey

Principles That Make the Law of Attraction Work

Are you ready to discover the principles that make the Law of Attraction work for or against you?

I’m so glad you’re on this page! You’re about to discover how the Law of Attraction works in concert with other infallible laws of the universe, and how you can harness them and attract more abundance into your life instead of struggle and stress.

Click ‘play’ on the audio above to learn the secret to creating greater ease and bounty in your life!

Here’s to Your Success,

Mary Morrissey

Crowd Out Inferior Thoughts

Crowd out inferior thought with superior thought.

Superior thought has a much higher frequency to it. You’ll feel it in your body. You’ll feel more expansive. When you’re having a superior thought you’ll feel your shoulders, forehead and muscles relax as you lean into and open up to your connection with the Truth.

Thoughts of lack and scarcity — or our thoughts of criticism and condemnation — must be crowded out by focusing on superior thoughts.

As we train ourselves to mentally look for and appreciate the good, we will see and experience more of it in our lives.

The Power is yours to choose the thought you think.

Choose Wisely,
Mary Morrissey

Reaching New Heights

I really believe that raising the bar can create a miracle in your life by taking you to the next level.

Whether we know it or not, every one of us has a bar that we have attained in our level of achievement in the important areas of our lives. If we don’t pay attention, we tend to settle for the bar we’ve reached. We become complacent.

My friend Bob Proctor said to me recently, “you know a professional is a professional no matter what”.

No matter if they are tired, no matter if things are tough in their life, and no matter when there are bills to pay that they don’t know how they are going to pay. No matter what, a professional is a professional. When they step out to do their job, they do their job if they are a real professional.

We might apply that to our lives as well. A good wife is a good wife no matter what. A good husband is a good husband no matter what. It doesn’t mean that we are always perfect. It means that there’s an ever higher bar to strive to reach; to be a better wife, a better husband, a better parent, to be a better friend.

To be better at whatever it is that we do in our daily life that’s important to us. So today let’s each notice what’s important to us and let’s raise the bar no matter what.

Here’s To Reaching New Heights,

Mary Morrissey

Learn How to Partner with the Possible

In today’s video, from The Living Full Spectrum seminar, I share a personal story about how I made an agreement with the possible…instead of making an agreement with struggle. By doing this, one of my dreams came true. You can do this too!

I believe in you,

Mary Morrissey

The Power of Specificity

In this video, from the Living Full Spectrum series, I explain The Power of Specificity and why it’s so important to become a vibrational match to your dream.

Here’s to your Dream!

Mary Morrissey

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