Reaching New Heights

I really believe that raising the bar can create a miracle in your life by taking you to the next level.

Whether we know it or not, every one of us has a bar that we have attained in our level of achievement in the important areas of our lives. If we don’t pay attention, we tend to settle for the bar we’ve reached. We become complacent.

My friend Bob Proctor said to me recently, “you know a professional is a professional no matter what”.

No matter if they are tired, no matter if things are tough in their life, and no matter when there are bills to pay that they don’t know how they are going to pay. No matter what, a professional is a professional. When they step out to do their job, they do their job if they are a real professional.

We might apply that to our lives as well. A good wife is a good wife no matter what. A good husband is a good husband no matter what. It doesn’t mean that we are always perfect. It means that there’s an ever higher bar to strive to reach; to be a better wife, a better husband, a better parent, to be a better friend.

To be better at whatever it is that we do in our daily life that’s important to us. So today let’s each notice what’s important to us and let’s raise the bar no matter what.

Here’s To Reaching New Heights,

Mary Morrissey

Learn How to Partner with the Possible

In today’s video, from The Living Full Spectrum seminar, I share a personal story about how I made an agreement with the possible…instead of making an agreement with struggle. By doing this, one of my dreams came true. You can do this too!

I believe in you,

Mary Morrissey

The Power of Specificity

In this video, from the Living Full Spectrum series, I explain The Power of Specificity and why it’s so important to become a vibrational match to your dream.

Here’s to your Dream!

Mary Morrissey

The Law of Polarity Explained

In this video I will dive deeper into The Law of Polarity. This law in basic terms is this… Your desire puts you in touch with the invisible side with that which you are seeking to bring forth. Your expectation pulls it to you. Watch the video now to learn more about this important Universal Law.

Here’s to your Dreams!

Mary Morrissey

Move Forward with Confidence Towards Your Dream

Do you want to live 1 year 90 times or live 90 years where each year includes new ideas, possibilities and dreams that come true? In this video clip I explain the importance of allowing yourself to dream big then believing in that dream, so you can bring it into reality.

Here’s to Living YOUR Dreams,

Mary Morrissey

Living Full Spectrum

Here’s a video clip taken from the Living Full Spectrum live seminar where I discussed the Laws of the Universe. In this video I share a few stories about Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and their experience with working with the laws to create a life they loved living. You can do it too!

Here’s to living your best life!

Mary Morrissey

How to Find Your Creative Edge

You’re about to discover what I mean when I say, “This is an inside-out Universe.” I’ll also share the steps you can take to find your creative edge that will help you create a life you love!

Here’s to Your Creativity!

Mary Morrissey

Beyond the Law of Attraction

In this video I share a story that reveals the one thing that keeps people stuck. Learn what it is and how to overcome this obstacle to move forward towards your dream.

Here’s to your Dream!

Mary Morrissey

Let it Go and Live a Freer Life

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.”

No matter what the problem, financial situation, history or difficulty around you — let it be around you. It’s a circumstance. It’s around you but it is not meant to control or determine your internal weather.

Our internal weather comes from our state of mind, and the state of our heart.

All the water in the world can be around us and we can float on top of it. The ocean delights to lift us up as we let go.

Let go and be lifted up and supported by an ocean of abundant good.

Let It Go,

Mary Morrissey

Design Your Dreams

We create our life in two ways, out of design or out of default. If we don’t design a dream for our life, then our mind will go to the default patterns of our previous thinking and it will shape our reality based on the seeds that are in it.

You might wish for a different crop, but if you don’t plant different seeds, you will get the same result as before – a seed will always produce the fruit of its kind.

The Universe delights in giving you whatever dream you want; All you have to do is choose, focus and follow through.

Design Your Dreams,

Mary Morrissey

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