Flow with the Good

Just like when traveling down a river, if you’re working with the current, it takes much less personal effort to move forward. Sometimes you can even set your paddle down and be swept ever-so-merrily along!

The truth is, when you’re working against the flow, you are using what’s called will power, your little human power. It is minuscule; a mere pygmy version of what you are capable of when you are aligned with the flow!

When you desire and expect good, you are empowered. When you adjust your desire and expectation to the flow of good, then nothing but good can come. The river of Life aligns you with the good, and you flow right into it.

Flow with the Good,

There is Always More Good…

Evolutionary biology is showing that it is often the highly cooperative species, not the highly competitive, that survive dramatic shifts.

Instead of believing that there’s only limited supply in the world – and that you have to fight for the good stuff, start by understanding that there is an abundance of good.

You know why?

It’s because you are here to contribute the good inside you! There is always more good, because there is always more to give.

You increase your own good and the good of your family, community, and the world when you give your gifts. There are no limits to the amount of good you can experience!

To Your Increasing Good,


DreamBuilder LIVE Changed 1,000 Lives

Last weekend, at DreamBuilder LIVE, something amazing happened:

Our participants banded together to lift 1000+ people from poverty and desperation into hope, abundance and joy!

There’s an amazing story behind that moment… and it all started with a crushing betrayal.

The betrayal

Before I knew my friend, Cynthia Kersey, her husband left her for another woman. She was deeply hurt, and her therapist told her that to get through the pain, she would also need to work through her anger.

When Cynthia asked how long she would need to stay angry for the wound to heal, the therapist said it would probably take at least six months.

A better way

Shortly after she began to practice being angry, Cynthia talked to our mutual friend, Bob Proctor. When she told him what she was doing, he gave her a piece of advice that would change her life:

“You could spend six months being angry, or you could find something you cared about that was bigger than the pain you feel.”

Cynthia agreed that channeling her pain into something positive was much more appealing than burning with anger for half a year. So she called Millard Fuller and asked him, “What are you doing with Habitat right now?”

He answered, “I’m taking a small group to Nepal. We’re going to build a house there.”

Cynthia decided to go with him. While she was there, she met Nepalese women who had lost their husbands or been divorced. In that part of Nepal, when you’ve lost your husband, you are not part of the community anymore.

Cynthia wanted to help these vulnerable women, so she thought, “I’m going to build a house for a woman.”

But almost immediately, she realized, “That wouldn’t take away my pain. How many houses would I have to build? Five? No, that is not enough. Ten? No, I would still feel pain.”

Then she decided: “If I build a hundred houses, that would be bigger than the pain I feel.”

She’d never raised money for a cause before. But when she found out that each house would cost $2,500, and there were plenty of volunteers who would help, she became determined to raise $250,000.

It took her a year, but she got it done – and in the process, she got more than that.

She got her heart back.

Growing bigger

After she’d gotten her hundred houses built, and after we became friends, Cynthia got a speaking opportunity in Africa.

While she was there, the local women told her, “Our children don’t get educated. We have dirty water. We don’t have medicine. There is no hope and we have to marry our daughters off at the age of ten or twelve, because the family can’t survive. We need help.”

Cynthia was so moved that she said to herself, “I have to do something.” So on her 50th birthday, she held a party and asked that instead of bringing her gifts, we should make a contribution toward helping these precious, struggling people.

In a single night, we raised enough money to build a completely self-sustaining village, with its own power, water, health and education.

That was the birth of the Unstoppable Foundation. Cynthia went on to start working in that organization full-time, and I became her first monthly supporter.

And let me tell you, when I fully realized the impact my donations would have – because of me, children would receive food and education that would change their lives – I felt wealthy beyond the thousand dollars per month I was donating could have ever bought me.

Studies prove that for every year a child goes to school, income potential increases. Girls get married later. Early pregnancies decrease. Health and nutrition is elevated for the entire family.

Every time a child gets an education, we all benefit. And to know that I was a part of that was uplifting beyond words.

I had to share that experience.

At DreamBuilder LIVE last week, I gave the participants the opportunity to feel the same abundance I experienced, by working together to change lives. They met and exceeded my hopes: together, we raised a total of $111,200, which is enough to build 4+ villages with approximately 350 people in each village, accounting for roughly 70 children as well.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. One dollar is enough.

And as you give, you heal your own heart, and you open the door for the universe to give back to you.

Make “giving” a part of your life. Whatever you can give, will produce two results. It will allow you to feel abundant and give an opportunity to someone else to feel the same way. If you’d like to give to the Unstoppable Foundation, use this link.

How to Make Room for Expanded Good In Your Life

The mind is a funny thing. For many of us, maybe even for you, when you are ready to create greater success than you have ever known, your mind will dig into the past and tell you why it can’t happen.

When reaching for expanded joy, love, and success, your mind might show you pictures and tell you stories about the failures of your past. It wants to build a case for why it won’t happen now.

You might even find thoughts floating around which seem to tell you that thinking about your failures will protect you if your future ventures fail.

Push the pause button right there!

Here’s what to tell yourself when you catch that kind of thinking happening. Start by inserting the phrase, “Up until now…” Literally say to yourself —even out loud —that up until now those circumstances may have been the case, but starting now, you’re creating new results.

Starting now, you’re inviting a new experience of expanded freedom, love, happiness…whatever it is you are creating.

Watch as the old thinking disperses, making room for expanded good in your life.

Enjoy the Process,

Mary Morrissey

How to Deal With an Inner Experience

When circumstances arise that are less than ideal, you’ll find your mind automatically gets very busy analyzing and stressing, and reviewing the problems. The teachers of Zen aptly call this “monkey mind.” The mind won’t sit still!

The first thing to do when you encounter a challenge is NOT to deal with your circumstances, however tempting that may be. Rather, deal with your inner experience. You want to do whatever it takes to come to a calm center.

First, create peace and calmness inside yourself. Once you have achieved this, what you will find is that the answers you need will automatically start to appear. This is because you are relaxed and open —and receptive to the solution.

First, create peace.

To mastering your inner experience,

Mary Morrissey

The Invisible and Visible Laws

You are operating in a life that has two components: the visible and the invisible. Just as there are physical laws, there are laws of mind and spirit.

If you’re wondering if this is true, just test it out. Put your mind in harmony with the good you seek, begin to expect it and notice that you will begin to experience ideas, opportunities will arise, and people will make suggestions that are in harmony with your desired good.

Have you ever decided to buy a blue car and all of a sudden you see blue cars everywhere? You attract by your interest and your desire, so when you set your desire, create an expectation that what you desire will appear.

Expect the Good,

Mary Morrissey

How Failures Can Be Good

Something may happen that you consider a failure, but you can develop a broader understanding that everything that happens can be used for the greater good.

From the proper perspective, what looks like failure can be useful information. In fact, the degree to which you fail (if you then implement what you have learned) conversely becomes the degree to which you can succeed.

There really are no mistakes!

Believing in You,

Mary Morrissey

Don’t Limit Life

Life truly is infinite. The good it offers you is without end.

The question is: What kind of vessel will you bring to life’s ocean? Will you bring a small pot to the infinite sea of life, and leave with just a little good? Will you bring a cracked pot, and complain that good always slips through your fingers? Or will you bring a well-hewn ship and sail out onto the sea, surrounding yourself with all the good and beauty there is?

No matter how big a container you bring, the good of life itself is always greater than you can imagine. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t limit life!

Play in the waves,

Mary Morrissey

Happy Mother’s Day

A special Mother’s Day message…

You are loved and appreciated.

Please share with those you care about.

To Your Best Life,

Prepare For The Life You Want

When you start making preparations for what you want, it energizes the field of possibilities to come to you much faster. Instead of just rocking in a chair and waiting, you can prepare; you can start working.

If you were expecting 20 people to show up at your house for dinner tonight, your preparations would involve accommodating that number of guests. Ideally, you would start well in advance. The key is to do the same with your dreams!

You continually draw into life what you prepare for and expect. Many perceived failures take place because you have not forced your expectations to keep up pace with your desires.

Get a vivid picture of what you want to create, then focus on preparing and expecting!

Prepare now for the life you want,

Mary Morrissey

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