Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve created a special Thanksgiving video message for you. I’ve included a fun, 7-day experiment as well to make this season even brighter.

Enjoy the video.

Today is a day to celebrate family, friendship and life. Today is a wonderful day to be alive. It’s THE best day and can never be repeated again.

Let’s amp up the gratitude today, so we are creating a greater, grander, fuller expression of our Self.

I wish the best for you and your loved ones on this special day.

Mary Morrissey

Open To a Whole New Experience

Research has shown that we all have a learned voice of internal judgment, the inner critic. That internal voice can shut down your genius. When you realize that it doesn’t matter what happened in your upbringing, you are liberated.

As author Tom Robbins writes, It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. When you practice applying the right perception, that inner critic no longer has a hold on you and you open to a whole new experience.

Rather than wallowing in any stagnant negative feelings, find something that you can focus on that you feel passionate about and it will give you life.

Believing in You,


Share the Gift Inside Your Story

I was talking with a friend a little while ago who shared with me his story about a particularly tragic event in his life.  The story about this event – the version he was choosing to tell – was very sad.

 Over time he decided one day, I’m going to stop telling that version of the story.  I’m going to tell a new story.  It wasn’t that the tragedy hadn’t happened, it was just that he realized the gift inside it, and wanted to share a story from higher ground.

So today, I invite you to identify any story you’ve been telling about your life of limitation, lack, holding back – of a recurring theme of how things don’t work out for you, that keeps you limited or struggling.  I think every one of us has something like that.

What if you just decided that’s no longer your current story?  That’s the story of your past. I invite you to re-frame that old story as a new story about how you received a gift from life.

So what was the gift inside that particular struggle?  What new story will you tell to share that gift?

To Sharing your Gifts,


Your Wisdom Self

Let’s spend a moment really deeply contacting the real Self. The Self that is the I am that is breathing you. It is the I am that you are before you took on this human birth, and after you lay this human body down for the last time.

For a moment, take a deep breath with me. Inhale … exhale … as you breathe just notice your body. Feel the weight of your clothing and the air touching your exposed skin. Now for a moment, notice your thinking. What you were thinking before you opened your email? What are you thinking about now? Notice your thinking.

Now for a moment, notice your feelings … whether you’ve been feeling happy or sad, concerned or content, or something else. What is the feeling that has been the predominant feeling state you’ve been in today?

Now ask yourself this question, who is it in me that can notice my body, but is not my body? Who is it that can notice my thinking but is more than the thought itself? Who is it that can notice my feeling, but is not the emotion? That One is your real self, your wisdom self.

That One, is completely at peace right now. That One, knows your purpose, and the solutions to any challenge before you. You can make moments like these whenever you choose, by simply pausing for a moment, making contact with your real Self, and accessing that place of deep peace and wisdom.

Trust your Deep Wisdom Self,


Become The Change

In 1998, I had the privilege of standing on the stage of the United Nations with Mahatma Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s children and grandchildren. We were launching a season for nonviolence, which was a 64 day period between the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s death and the 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death, both of which were by assassination.

The quote that is most attributed to Mahatma Gandhi’s is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi’s grandchildren said this was misquoted. Their grandfather was very specific in choosing his words. He understood how words can become reality. According to them, his quote was actually, “Become the change you wish to see in the world.”


A Story From the Buddha

Today I want to share with you a story from the Buddha … .

It is said that his most powerful teaching moment ever, was when he silently held up a rose before his students. The way he regarded that flower, and then his students, was a message to everyone there that the power and wonder of the aliveness, and his appreciation for it, his way of seeing and feeling it, was the deepest truth of life. It was an instruction in enlightened living.

Today, may Life itself be your greatest message, and everywhere you turn may you find your appreciation of life expanding in everything that you see.

Believing in You,


Goal Setting

Goal-setting is a drag for most people. It’s very easy to daydream about something we would like; finding the love of our life, having the money that can afford us the freedom we desire, having the career that matters to us, enjoying better, vibrant health, but it’s hard to actually set a goal and then even more challenging to achieve it.

The reasons most people don’t achieve their goals is fear, limitation-based thinking and procrastination.

In other words, we imagine having the life we really want and before long, doubt and worry sneak in. We think, “Who am I to think I can do this?” We get dissuaded and distracted. “This isn’t a good time,” we tell ourselves. Or we make excuses and think, “I can think better when I respond to these emails… finish the laundry… clear out this mess in the living room first.”


A Message From Your Inner Force

Here is a really important question to ask yourself every now and then:

What one thing am I not doing that if I did do would greatly improve my life six months from now?

Ask yourself and then tune in for the answer that comes. The wisdom within you might have a very important message for you! It might be to walk for 30 minutes a day.  It might be to lie down and listen to relaxing music for 5 minutes a day.  It might be a hundred other things, but the wisdom in you – the force that is breathing you – has a message for you.

Be prepared to receive the answer and be willing to put it into action.

Listen and Trust,


How To Shift Your Mindset

How can you shift your mindset? Marry Morrissey takes you from how to move from feeling stuck to being free.

Haven’t we all felt the pain that comes from telling ourselves we’re going to do something to improve our lives, but then seeing months or years later that we are still living the same life and that not much has changed? It’s easy to get down on oneself or think we don’t have what it takes. It’s easy to think that the problem is you.

What if the problem isn’t you?

What if the problem is that you haven’t had the support, or the awareness to change the autonomic system inside of you that governs how much success and ease you experience in life? That autonomic system is called “mindset.”

Very few people consciously install their mindset. It’s something that’s installed for us as we grow up—by observing what our parents say and the way they live their lives (or what our friends say, or what we hear from the media). Before long, we have a pretty solid mindset about who we can be and what we can do and how much success we can have.

As we go through life, we start to notice that there are those who have more success, more freedom and more fun than we’ve been having. We wonder if we can also have more freedom, fun and success. We set a goal and try our best to attain it, but more often than not, find ourselves stuck in the same place. It’s as if someone has set an upper limit to how much we allow ourselves to experience, much like the setting on a thermostat that keeps a room from getting too hot or too cold.

So how do you shift your mindset and pry yourself loose? How do you turn UP that thermostat to success?

First, you have to take a look at all your past failures and take a deep breath and say to yourself, “That was then, but this is now.”

Next, consider some goal that you have. It can be a relationship goal, a health goal or a goal pertaining to your career. Pick a goal that you’ve had before but didn’t attain because procrastination got in your way or because you didn’t think you had what it took to achieve it.

The value of any goal isn’t for the attainment of that goal (although that’s nice), but for the growth that happens within you as you stretch from someone who can’t achieve a goal to someone who can.

Notice that once you select that goal, there’s a voice that might arise and tell you about all the reasons why you can’t have what you want. This is called your “upper limit.” This voice keeps your thermostat stuck on living the life you’ve been living, even though you want to achieve more. You want to have greater freedom and flow in your life. At that moment, when the voice of why you can’t kicks in, tell that voice, “I’ll talk to you later. Right now I’m focused on being the woman (or the man) who achieves what I want to achieve.”

Then do something powerful. Sit down and write three baby steps; think of what you can do to achieve your goal. These are baby steps—something you can accomplish in five minutes. Your mind may tell you that baby steps aren’t enough and won’t get you anywhere, but that’s not true!

Baby steps can take you all the way up Mt. Everest if you’re methodical and persistent.

As soon as you accomplish those three steps, write down three more steps to take. And so on.

If you do this, I promise you that within two to four weeks, you’re going to find that your “normal” has changed. You’ll feel better about yourself. Your sense of confidence will have improved.

There is no person on earth who gets more than 24 hours in a day or has more potential than any one of us. If they’re more successful, it’s because they have more awareness and more tools to turn that potential into results.

And now, you too, have the simple tools to turn your potential into success.

Here’s to your success,


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Your Love Made Visible

Liking yourself and feeling good about yourself, comes out of being in harmony, with who you really are.  That means having an inner alignment, with what you love, and what brings you most alive.

As you practice bringing yourself into greater harmony, by paying attention to what you love, you increase your self esteem, and feel more life energy coursing through you. This is the real fountain of youth!

My suggestion is this:  Do not allow yourself to stay in a situation that is less than life-giving.  Transform your circumstances through non-resistance, by focusing on what you would love.

The tiny stream knows in its nature, that it is being drawn to a river, and then to the ocean. There is a magnetic pull towards the greater, and that same pull is at work in you and me.

To your Love Made Visible,


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